Wool Rhoades teaches how to have a rear like yours on Youtube


The star of adult cinema’s number one 2019, Wool Rhoades, has come to go crazy all in the world of social networks, since, apart from his successful career in the world of the movies, has decided to enter also to be a famous of social networks, using a lot Instagram, and Youtube.

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This occasion was surprised with a video tutorial on his Youtube account, where you want to teach as it is the girls who follow may have a rear just like it.

In your tutorial video, we can see Lana in Miami, on your balcony, recording a video blog in which he explains how it is that you can get a rear guard somewhat similar to it, because many of their fans have that curiosity.

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To begin, talk that it is not possible to wake up with a rear large without operations or without any treatment of steroids, however, says that there are some methods to make it grow little by little and shape your figure to enhance your body.

To this point in the video, Lana decides to show, as is her waist and her butt, as it is necessary for them to take seriously their recommendations, making it clear that it is necessary to preach with the example, so you decided to show your beautiful figure to the camera.

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Clarifies that in order to have a better body, in addition to exercising, follow a balanced diet and drinking lots of water, to base of protein and fruits, recommending to consume low sugar and carbohydrates.

To continue presents his exercise routine, which is very well focused in his rear, as it does from “burpees”, squats, and many exercises that mark and make the back muscles are strengthened, we recommend you to see the video to check which is your routine in order, if you would like to try it.

Click here to see the daring video tutorial

The daring young man of 24 years age, was 345 million 629 thousand and 242 views its videos are becoming the actress of films for adults most sought after in 2019, Instagram account already with 6.1 million, and youtube barely has 300 thousand subscribers.