Words a(r)mate in Bisceglie, international meeting of poetry and music

“Parole a(r)mate” for Edizioni Pellicano Cult (2023), that is, love and struggle poems that become a bilingual anthology collection paired with “we”, in contrast to the growing global drift of individualisms. But this is not only a book, but also an international meeting of poetry and music, which will be held from 17 to 19 September in Bisceglie with the participation of the most distinguished guests.

INITIATIVE born from the idea of ​​Beppe Costa, poet, writer, publisher and bookseller from Catania, transferred to Rome – among many other things, he is also the creator, together with Adele Cambria, of the Law of Vaccelli – who still stubbornly believes that poetry together with other languages ​​of art can help us not to lose that little beauty that belongs to our species.

It is a form of collective resistance, both virtual and material, to find ourselves together without antagonisms, rivalries, narcissism and all other derivatives of this time. For three days, artists of the stature of Marcos Vinicius, one of the most important Brazilian classical guitarists and composers on the world stage, will perform on stage, together with soprano Marcia Pedone and the polyphonic choir New Chorus, in an extraordinary concert. in the Bisceglie Cathedral.

Also in the following days, Vinicius will participate in readings of invited poets. Among them, it is worth remembering Luan Rama, Paul Linggaard Damgaard, Nguyen Chi Trung and Uke Zenel Buchpapay, as well as many other guests, women and men, both Italian and non-Italian, who have made poetry their destructive weapon to protect everything that we still can combine love, tolerance and solidarity.

Several contributors to this latest collection, allergic to the self-referential crowd that floods the world of poetry, have already cast their votes for editorial solidarity projects such as SignorNò and Poeti da morto, two historical anthologies against war and the death penalty.

PLACES where three days of meetings will take place, in addition to the cathedral, there will be the monastery of San Pietro Apostolo and the Norman-Swabian castle of Bisceglie. Therefore, A(r)marsi of written and spoken words to turn this new book of poetry into an opportunity for meeting, learning and common growth, where there are no more boundaries between writer and reader, between speaker and listener. barriers or differences.

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