Work From Home, Employees Of Facebook Can Instead Of Bonus-Rp 15 Million.


RADARMALANGID – amid fears of the outbreak of the corona virus, a number of technology companies like Facebook asked its employees to work from home aka work from home (WFH) to reduce the risk of transmission.

Lately, the social media giant reportedly will give you an additional bonus of USD 1000 or equivalent to Rp 15 million to each of his employees, amounted to about 45 thousand people in the whole world.

The news of the granting of bonuses was written revealed for all the employees of Facebook from an internal memo, CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday (17/3) before.

Bonuses will work to the needs of employees, the purchase of the home, equipment and the cost of childcare, as reported by CNET (19/3).

Although the bonus is only valid for permanent employees, but Facebook said that the company will reimburse the cost (refund), issued by the contract employees at the work and the needs of the child as Day care.

COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg said that the company is affected also poured funds in the amount of USD 100 million (Rp 1.5 billion euros) to support small businesses in 30 countries by the corona virus.

To dampen earlier, in order the spread of the corona virus, Facebook announce a number of events, annual meeting, regularly held, such as the international Marketing summit and the Facebook button is the F8.

Author: Elsa Yuni Kartika
Photo: Business Insider

Published By: Indra M