Working from home is Easy with These 6 tips Video calling ala Google


Presentation of the video call. (Pixabay) – Many companies make the policy work from home, because a lot of things I could have already been resolved, thanks to the internet. Including the presence of a video-call-now what can be done to support the work of the house.

Such a meeting, or a meeting can be performed online using the service of the video call. However, the video call is not always easy, because there are a lot of distractions, such as noise.

Google has some tips on a video call to avoid this. Here are six tips to video-call-what ala Google is better:

1. Set the space correctly

If you want to talk about a complex topic, or explore an idea, a video-phone call is more efficient than chat or E-Mail.

However, if you make a call, you need to think of the user environment, for example, the background. Try to select wall-Directive and avoid windows, with the light again.

If the user is using a laptop, put it in a stable location. Avoid a video call with a laptop, lap because of the wobble-wobble can be a little disturbing when on the phone, with the focus on the conversation partner.

2. Download anyone at any time

Google Hangouts Meeting. (Google)
Google Hangouts Meeting. (Google)

The Video call should not be scheduled. The user can invite with the video call and to connect with persons within or outside the organization.

Through the use of Hangouts to Meet, the service automatically the code that the people’s calls through your computer, mobile phone, or from any place can make.

Users can invite people through a variety of options, for example, the calendar app from Google, directly to the and enter the meeting room, the URL link of the meeting by E-Mail sent.

3. You do not activate the subtitles when the sound is clear

If the user is in crowded places without the headphones quite good, users can Meet by using the text function automatically to display the text-in real-time.

This feature works like the subtitles on television. Users can Make just by looking in the bottom of the window, then enable or disable the text-CC.

4. They only show the desired part of the time of the presentation

Presentation of the video call. [Shutterstock]
Presentation of the video call. [Shutterstock]

A presentation, look in the upper right-hand corner under Meet, select the option “now”. Users have the option to show only the parts you want to show are presented with a window, and not the whole screen.

5. Change the screen layout to see the space

One of the features of the Meet it is, change the layout of the video call. If anyone has the presentation of a film, but there are important discussions in the office, user the layout of the focus can switch to the people in the office, instead of on the slide presentation.

6. Users can show a little real life

All people definitely have a life outside of work. Depending on the culture of the user at work, probably nothing, if the user shows a piece of “real”life.

For example, the child user is waving to the camera or to eat lunch, when the user has schedule the video call throughout the day.

Shows a little life, users can create a deeper relationship with co-workers, and even raises empathy for everything that logged in user outside of work.

6-tips-video-call, it is simpler to work from home, without being complicated. ( Latitude Siltya Utami).