How to dress in the gym: myth or reality? There are stars who want to look perfect even while playing sports, while others see sports as a moment of escape and fashion definitely takes a backseat. Which of the two categories do you belong to? Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, also likes to go jogging in New York and wears brightly colored shorts and T-shirts to beat the summer heat. It’s impossible not to notice! Bella Hadid, the undisputed queen of 2000, also opts for microsets, bringing her avant-garde style to the gym. The supermodel often wears micro outfits that further slim her figure, paired with white socks and gorpcore sneakers. Rita Ora is also sexy and sassy, ​​which she only wears with tight shorts and sports bras for her workout routines.

But will Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde go to the same gym? We don’t know at the moment, but Olivia loves working out and is among those who prefer to be less visible in full black. But there are those who pamper themselves in the gym with the brightest colors! This is the case of Jennifer Lopez, for whom sporty is synonymous with catchy: the singer, by the way, also leaves the gym in animal print leggings and yellow T-shirts. Or Hailey Bieber, who opts for a green bralette and fluorescent cycling shorts, a hue that also wins over Kendall Jenner, who goes to the gym in socks and slippers. However, for her part, Madalina Ghenea prefers low-key tones and hits the gym in slim suits, tech bags and the inevitable on-ear headphones.

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