works sold for 10 million euros

The legendary American actor, after his victory in the trial against Amber Heard, seems to be recovering with great style.

Johnny Depp (full name John Christopher Depp IIlisten)) is a famous Native American actor, director, film producer, and musician from Owensboro. A full-fledged star who, since the beginning of his career, has ended up in the tabloids of the whole world not only for his incredible interpretations that range incredibly, between eccentric characters and decidedly more serious performances, but also for the attitudes very particular about her. An incredibly fascinating and at the same time repelling character who, unfortunately, in the last period of his life, had to face a wearing trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard who accused him of using violence on her.

Johnny Depp is a recent veteran of a legal battle with Amber Heard

Johnny Depp - Cinematographe

Although this legal battle ended in a successful way for Johnny Depp, many feared that it would not be easy for the star to get back on track quickly, even with the accomplices of many productions which, at the time of the accusations, had fired him for fear of possible economic losses . Having said that, it seems that the artist is recovering everything he lost in the past, on the one hand launching himself into new projects, on the other experimenting with new, unprecedented and unexpected paths. As reported by La Stampa, for example, for some time the star has improvised as a painter and also with great success.

Recently, in fact, Johnny Depp has found an art gallery that has enhanced his artistic commitment, with a collection of paintings that has been valued at 10 million dollars. Here is the description of the gallery site: “Each image is an intimate reflection of their character in Johnny’s eyes. A portrait of how they revealed themselves to him. Starting from photographic references, each image was reduced to a simpler and more iconic portrait of the subject, which Johnny then developed with his characteristic freehand flashes “. Among other things, it is not the first time that the actor has ventured into this profession and even in the past he had obtained great satisfaction.

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