Workshops is “a country”, Messi and 8 to 10 reinforcements

Ángel Guillermo Hoyos again in Workshops, now as a coach. The president, Andrés Fassi, introduced it by highlighting that there were three coaches in the last seven years, “fulfilling their contracts”, such as Kudelka, Vojvoda and Cacique Medina.

“I am very pleased that you trust Talleres and the project, making the club grow. We will see later what it is enough for, in seven years we must be very happy, now with challenges such as two local tournaments, Copa Argentina and Copa Libertadores in the groups. We have structure, management, development and going to the Cup burdens us with a responsibility”, said the leader.

And the DT, who had a stint at Aldosivi, thanked and then recounted his “love” for Talleres. Verbose the coach who had a life living in Spain, who was champion in Bolivia and Chile, there was a moment when he put Messi on the table. It was when talking about the passion for the sport, for what he does.

“I am grateful because it is not easy to get here and find a club of an extraordinary level. I am grateful as a fan, we represent a country as Talleres. And it is obvious that one gets excited, this is something beautiful, we can continue to grow with the capacity of the club, of Andrés (Fassi), of its people, it is an honor and a pleasure to be here. I remember my teammates, I want to send a greeting and that everything does not take me away, I send a hug to all those players who made history,” he started.

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“When it was the first contact, I was excited. Over the years I’ve been to many countries, I’ve learned and evolved not only in football. I was at the University of Chile with great players. It’s not a revenge to come back, it’s a opportunity, added to the capacity that is a very good combination. It is a way of life. It is the moment, I believe in moments. I meet family, it is Workshops. I live excited here, it’s feeling, this is my house”, he claimed.

“We started playing for love, it is a passion beyond a profession. When we lose that feeling about passion, we begin to lack the true story of why you play football, we lose many situations. And today I believe that life at speeds you go, you lose a lot of things. For example, the mobile, the cell phone, it is very necessary for communication, but it distances you a lot from the one next to you and you are always thinking about what is going to come. And you do not live what you have, you enjoy what you are having. Be it a friend, a chat, a coffee, watch football, talk about football”, was one of the concepts. And at the touch he messed with Leo, whom he knows.

Holes during the presentation.

Holes during the presentation.

What did he say about the best in the world? “I admire Leo Messi a lot, I admire him beyond being an extraordinary player, for the love of football, the permanent feeling, the competitiveness. Respect, appreciation, silence, that is a lesson he gives us at 34 and we really should continue it. You can’t imagine what Talleres de Córdoba is… and the feeling for the team, you always have to transmit that, sometimes it’s embarrassing because one would feel weak, but it’s a strength”. And there Fassi, when it came to reinforcement, told him: “I want to see if you are really friends Leo, a year in Workshops would not be bad at all”.


And when talking about reinforcements, it was the president who spoke, giving an overview: that one or two more are going to leave in addition to Tenaglia (“he gave a lot to Talleres, it was not the ideal negotiation but it is part of the way to recognize the players”), but between eight and ten will come. The departure of Valoyes? “Only if they pay what it is worth”, confirming that the Arabs did not agree to pay the 8 sticks in cash.

“We need seven or eight more players, with a longer squad. That’s why we will have between eight and ten reinforcements, the scouting department is evaluating it, the joint decision is fundamental. High-ranking players are going to come, although the player who comes not be renowned but that we know it and it has not exploded. We did well with little, do a lot, “said Fassi.

What will they bring? “A combo, a right-back, two central defenders, an attacking midfielder and a defensive midfielder, an insider, one or two wingers and a number nine. We need to reinforce all the lines and we are on the right track,” Fassi said.

As for the news, it was also confirmed that at the beginning of February there will be a classic friendly against Belgrano, although the date remains to be defined: “Talleres wants, Belgrano too. It is very good for football in Córdoba.”

Holes on Messi

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