World Breastfeeding Week aims to promote support in the workplace – Ministry of Health

The 2023 edition seeks to promote measures that promote breastfeeding continuity through the creation of friendly spaces.

The Ministry of Health of the province of Jujuy reminds the community that World Breastfeeding Week runs from August 1st to 7th and that this year’s event, under the motto “Promote and support breastfeeding when returning to work”, aims to make people aware of the possibilities of breastfeeding and provide more support and collaboration at institutional and community levels.

To this end, it proposes the establishment of breastfeeding-friendly spaces, and the team of the Provincial Maternity and Children’s Bureau, with the support of UNICEF, advises public and private institutions to demonstrate compliance with existing regulations and promote a better return to breastfeeding. Works for those who are capable of conceiving, becoming pregnant and/or breastfeeding, and recommends that this basic and unique practice is fully developed before the baby is two years old.

Meanwhile, in different effectors, activities open to the community will take place throughout the month, such as:

Women’s and Children’s Hospital

Wednesday 08/02
Talk about “let’s talk about this year’s motto”; the consensus of the first hour of life. Hall of Athena. 9 o’clock in the morning.

Thursday 08/03:
The current state of breastfeeding clinics; talking about an “ecosystem approach to breastfeeding from a perinatal mental health perspective” and more. Hall of Athena. 9 o’clock in the morning.

Friday 08/04
St Martin’s Park information desk

Monday 08/07
Cultural activities – the inner courtyard of the Maternal and Children’s Hospital

Tuesday 08/08
Breastfeeding Workshop – CAPS Los Molinos

Tuesday 15 and Thursday 08/31
Breastfeeding Update Course – Ateneo Women’s and Children’s Hospital

Salvador Mazza Hospital – Tilcara

Wednesday 08/02
08:00 AM: “Passacaglia Speech”
10:00am: Opening of Breastfeeding Week
11:00 am: Exhibition of works prepared by different departments
11.30am: Casual games

Thursday 08/03
10:00 am: Casual games for all hospital services
10:45 am: Lecture “Hearing Loss in Breastfeeding”
11:00 am: Lactating burbot
12:00 pm: Cookie delivery

Friday 08/04
10:00 am: “Mateada talks about breastfeeding”
10:30 am: Presentation “Let’s Help Continue Breastfeeding at Work – Extraction and Preservation Methods.” Presentation on Health Standpoints.
10:30: Stand in the central square
4:00pm: Breastfeeding workshop

Saturday 08/05
10:00 am: Physical activity

Monday 08/07
10:00 am: Closing ceremony at City Hall

10:30 am: Presentation of certificates of appreciation to Huacalera Health Post staff who will be certified as UNICEF “Friends of Breastfeeding” Primary Health Care Centers

Oscar Orias Hospital – The Liberator

Friday 08/04
Discussion “Is breastfeeding important? Benefits to mother, child, family and society”

Wednesday 08/09
“Milk Preservation” Workshop

Wednesday 08/16
Talking about “breastfeeding myths”

Wednesday 08/23
“Breast milk is the best”

Thursday 08/24
Breastfeeding Nipple Preparation Workshop

Benefits of Breastfeeding

for babies

• Promotes sensory and cognitive development

• Prevent infectious and chronic diseases common in childhood, such as diarrhea, otitis media or pneumonia

• Aids in faster recovery due to antibody transfer from mother

• During the first hour of life, it protects newborns from infection and reduces neonatal mortality.

• Provide the quality and quantity of nutrients needed for proper growth and development.

• Allows for the incorporation of bacteria necessary for digestion and absorption of nutrients

• Reduced propensity to be overweight, hypertensive or obese in adolescence and adulthood

• Pain relief, for example during vaccinations

• Strengthens emotional bonds

for those who are breastfeeding

• Reduce symptoms of postpartum depression and improve blood pressure

• Supports basal, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, even increases your pain threshold and promotes a sense of well-being

• Promotes uterine contractions and prevents bleeding

• Helps the uterus to contract faster. This facilitates the expulsion of the placenta and prevents the mother from bleeding excessively after childbirth.

must remember

Breastfeeding begins with a pregnant woman’s decision and continues after pregnancy to put her body to work for her or her baby, and breastfeeding must also be consistent with optimal health. Ideally, emotional, professional, and social companionship is essential during periods of heightened sensitivity.

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