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The purpose of the campaign is not only to vaccinate those who need it, but also to raise awareness and spread the word about the importance of getting vaccinated against this serious disease. As usual, all calendar vaccinations have also been administered.

Within the framework of commemorating World Hepatitis Day on Friday 28 July, our city’s Samco Hospital, together with the municipality, launched a morning-long vaccination campaign in the central square, with the aim of not only vaccinating those who need it, but making it People see and tell about the importance of getting vaccinated to prevent this disease, which can become extremely serious in some cases.

Olga Antonello, head of the hospital’s vaccinations, explained, “This is a day of control and a day of vaccination, which has been going on since July 28, 2010, when World Hepatitis Day was celebrated. We know that we have five types of hepatitis on the Argentine national calendar, hepatitis A for 12-month-old children and hepatitis B for the entire population,” he said, clarifying that, like As usual, all calendar vaccinations were also administered.


“People have to be aware of this and I think there is a little bit of information missing about this disease, which is very serious and affects our liver, which is the body’s detoxification organ, and for those who contract this disease, The liver apparently stops working so the health starts to deteriorate and some people even get liver transplants. This is why it is so important to get the hepatitis B vaccine for everyone, from newborns who are vaccinated, to adults over the age of 80 who are not vaccinated Humans must also be vaccinated,” he stressed.

Hepatitis B requires three doses of the vaccine to complete the regimen. After the first dose, a second dose is given 30 days later, and a third dose is given five months later. For children, the program is four doses. And, although it was a special day, people who are usually in the hospital can go to get vaccinated regularly, just like in the clinic.

He also explained that the hepatitis B vaccine can be given at the same time as other vaccines. “We actually brought all the vaccines as we always do because there are a lot of people who have the full program and others who don’t because we didn’t start giving the vaccine to adults for free until 2002, so some people have it and some people haven’t But we also brought the rest of the vaccines, and today we vaccinated those who were not vaccinated against influenza, pneumonia, hemorrhagic fever and hepatitis B,” he added.

Antonello emphasized the fact that for two years, vaccinations have been carried out every week, so the residents of the city have become accustomed to this work being carried out on the territory, so they come to be vaccinated.

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