World Hepatitis Day: why celebrate it on 28 July

he The goal of World Hepatitis Day is to promote, worldwide, as many strategies as possible that the health sector can adopt to address disease viral. This condition produces acute inflammation in the liver and there are 5 different viruses, each classified by letter of the alphabet. The day is dated to commemorate the birth of Dr. Samuel Bloomberg.

National Gendarmerie Day: Why it’s celebrated on July 28

On Friday 28 July, National Gendarmerie Day, one of the police forces our country has, was created on this day more than 50 years ago.

doctor found virus hepatitis b. 1964. On July 28, he was appointed World Health Organization in his name. The World Health Organization’s goal is to eliminate the disease as a public health risk by 2030. Major measures have focused on expanding vaccination programs against the disease, expanding “harm reduction” services, increasing access to diagnoses, and more.

Grandparents’ Day: Why Celebrate it on July 26

The commemoration of this day stems from religious traditions in which the grandfather’s role is central in the lives of his loved ones.

How to prevent hepatitis?

One of the precautions we can take is to without any invasive process on our body. An example of a choice we make and recommend avoiding is tattooing or Botox injections, or at least we choose not to have them in places that don’t have basic hygiene standards or the requisite licenses.

World Hepatitis Day: why celebrate it on 28 July

Another way to avoid contracting the disease is to get vaccinated The most common viruses are usually types A, B and C. A third precaution is to take protective measures when having sex with other people.

rarely hepatitis Viral infection resulting in death or emergency hospitalization. However, It’s important to maintain control of your bodyone of the methods is General blood work every 6 months or yearly. If you’re interested in learning more, several health centers hold events every July 28th to inform or do something different to prevent this disease.

World Emoji Day: Why celebrate it on July 17

Emojis are an important part of people’s lives today. As technology advances, emojis become a new form of communication.

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