World Reading Day

Reading a book day

Read a Book Day: World Book Day

Like every year 6 September Celebrate Read a Book Day: an opportunity that reading lovers around the world take to share moments and tips. It is a day dedicated to the pleasure of reading, with millions of enthusiasts using social media to express their opinions about literature. But how is this anniversary celebrated?

What is Read a Book Day?

Today is a special day for series readers. Read a Book Day is a media event in which many people participate. Participants are mostly passionate about the world of reading and “book reader”: Bloggers and content creators who focus their business on sharing ideas and recommendations for books of all genres. Let me give you an example: one of the most beloved bookstagrammers at the moment is, of course, Oprah Winfrey: with her “book club” periodically selects some publications, bringing them to the attention of millions of readers

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As expected, the initiatives that arise on this day are mainly implemented online: mass exchange reading tips which often features celebrities such as Emma Watson or Lily Collins, using the hashtag #readabookday. Actresses often participated in a flurry of reposts, recommending this or that reading to their subscribers.

Read a Book Day also demonstrates how reading and from technologies Today this is an important combination: social networks bring young people closer to this world and, above all, today they encourage them to devote a few minutes to enjoying a book. The purpose of this day is to unite everyone in the appreciation of literature of all genres, because any exchange is welcome, from science fiction novels to recipe books.

How Read a Book Day was born

The origins of Read a Book Day are actually unknown: It’s an anniversary born in the United States in the 2000s and then spread throughout the world. At the end of the first decade of this century, the habit of sharing on social networks took hold. best titles, but not only, bestseller rankings and moments that characterize the passion for reading. The most popular publications are those that depict oneself while reading, or those that illustrate the characteristics of a recommended book.

In the United States, this day is known as National Read a Book Day, but thanks to the Internet, this holiday has spread beyond America, reaching readers around the world. In Italy, for example, today many literary figures have the opportunity to make themselves known: the most social bookstores share the most exciting titles of the moment and book club There are opinions expressed on this matter online. Gradually, all this turned into a real anniversary. Today, this media phenomenon can perhaps be defined as “International Read a Book Day.”

The Importance of Reading

Celebrating the pleasure of reading is not the only purpose of Read a Book Day: the day also reminds us of the countless benefits of reading. The University of Sussex tells us that reading even for a few minutes reduces stress levels 68% reduction in heart rate and muscle tension; University of Toronto research shows that reading improves creativity and judgment, helps you think more flexibly and cope better with uncertain situations; and finally, Harvard teaches us that I readers are more sensitivethey better understand other people’s emotions and facial expressions.

In short, it is clear that there are many positive results. Focus magazine also adds that reading improves memory, concentration, sleep and writing ability. Another positive aspect of reading is socialization: according to Stanford, reading makes it easier to make friends and reduces aggression.

Ultimately, this day is a good way to encourage us to maintain a habit in our daily lives: the habit simple reading. Reading a book day is a good opportunity to take a few minutes and relax with a good book.

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