World’s oldest woman completes marathon, secrets to extending life

Marcia Ellen Smith is not your typical grandmother.and 92 years and 194 daysOn December 11, 2022, she became the oldest woman to complete a marathon. The milestone he accomplished in Honolulu (Hawaii) was even certified by Guinness World Records. He managed to stop the stopwatch in 10 hours and 48 minutes.

“The Honolulu Marathon is my favorite marathon, in part because They don’t close at a specific time, even the slowest runners can finish the race. ” Alan Smith told Guinness World Records.

Now, at age 93, he runs six days a week in his hometown of Koloa, regardless of the weather. But that’s not what I’ve always done. Alan Smith is a retired doctor; He didn’t start running until he was 46 years old.when his friend and colleague Stephen Foster recommended it to him.

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“I started running in 1977; I fell in love with the feeling of exercising outdoors.”, he points out. For her, age is not a factor holding her back. Throughout the year, she maintains a consistent exercise routine and keeps her mind busy by listening to music and audiobooks and attending gatherings with friends and family.

While she’s proud of her feat, the reality is that the nonagenarian He doesn’t think his feat is rare. Nor do they have any magic secrets to longevity.Of course, it has several more Tips for a healthier life.

“I don’t have super genes, I’m a normal person. What really helps is trying to live longer and healthier. Exercise every day and don’t eat processed foods or sugar. Get out of the house, get your heart rate up and connect with life,” he explained South China Morning Post.

1. Don’t eat processed foods

Alan Smith Avoid processed foods and sugar, because they are not thought to be helpful to the body.In this sense, nonagenarians depend on this book fast carb, low carb (Harper Wave, 2020), by Dr. David Kessler, aims to find out which foods are healthiest.

2. Exit

For Alan Smith, Leaving the house will keep you motivated. According to science, there are many benefits to being away from home, such as lower blood pressure, better social interactions, better mood, and reduced stress and anxiety levels.

3. Exercise (don’t make excuses)

The nonagenarian started exercising about half a century ago, and since then, Never make excuses not to do it. “I never use age, weather or anything else as an excuse to miss training,” Alan Smith said.

4. Enjoy physical activity

While running may not be your favorite physical activity, it’s important Enjoy an activity of your choice, whether it’s swimming or tennis. “It allows me to meet and greet new people along the way and also gives me the freedom to go wherever my feet can take me,” the retired doctor explained. South China Morning Post.

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5. Don’t dwell in the past or future

Another important question for Alan Smith is Live in the present, don’t think about the past or the future. “It’s important to focus on today and live in the moment. Ask yourself: ‘What can I do today? This is how I solve problems. The solution is in the present, not the past or the future,'” he reflects.

6. Don’t let setbacks stop you

when alan smith He broke his toe during a marathon but he didn’t want to stop. “I couldn’t run for three months, so I switched things up by going to the gym and getting my heart rate up in different ways,” he said. South China Morning Post.

7. Have a sense of humor

It is important for people in their nineties to Don’t lose your sense of humor even when you encounter difficult moments in life. “It’s important for me to laugh at the surprises that inevitably come my way, then quickly get over them and get back to what I really enjoy: training and touring,” he explained to the Hong Kong newspaper.

8. Stay busy

In addition to exercise, the retired doctor also spends his time Listen to music and audiobooksin addition to frequent meetings with family and friends.

9. Stay optimistic

Although Alan Smith is now 93 years old Still have dreams and desires. He always has his goal for the next game in mind. “It creates a goal to work towards, and having that goal makes me feel optimistic and positive about the training I’m currently doing,” he said.

10. Stay connected with others

One of Alan Smith’s weekly activities is Stay connected with everyone you know. “I have a lot of friends, both runners and non-runners, that I talk to every week; staying connected is something I value,” he said.

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