Wos: “The meeting with the Indian was ringing the bell and may God attend to you”

What we were all waiting for, Wosito in Black Box. Finally, Valentín Oliva sat in the now classic living room opposite Julio Leiva and was encouraged to break the ice.

After the release of “Dark Ecstasy”, his second album, he said: “The dough can be something that gives you warmth and accompanies you at the same time. It can drown you, or you can be at the height and feel ‘I’m standing up here’ and at the same time, that that height generates vertigo. That chiaroscuro all the time in the thoughts, in the feelings “.

He also talked about what it was like to work with Ricardo Mollo: “I met him at the Mastai Festival in 2019, I had a brief conversation, and then they invited me in a pandemic with Divided to this thing that we mixed, that I intervened on a Saturday and that he got on the networks. But hey, the communication had remained more there on the phone, because that’s exactly what we all shut ourselves up and nothing. Obviously he was always one of the musicians I had in mind, always “.

And he continued: “He is an incredible person and I think the issue appeared first and in a moment the file fell. I threw myself with a lot of respect and the truth is that it is beautiful that he has joined.a was one of the most beautiful things about the album for me and about life in music as well. That day of filming was incredible. “

As to Nicki Nicole, another of the artists she sings with on the album: “That song asked for a female voice, that color. And I think that this was an instrumental one that was left for singing and rapping, it was a great fit for her. She also works with Evlay, so there is a link close there a long time ago. “

Besides talking about her debut album, “Caravana”, Leiva asked the MC to describe to her three postcards of his life: one, the first time he won a free competition; another, battling Papo in the Red Bull Final at Luna Park and the last, vs. Dtoke in the final of the Fifth Step.

He also spoke about the International Final that he won against Aczino at home: “I had a bad time. I think at that moment in the Argentina International I had the feeling that it was what had to happen, that I win. It was local, it was revenge, it was time for it to happen. I could have faced it as another way. And then I say no, I couldn’t, I couldn’t. It was like more suffered than others, that year in other competitions I had been much looser, more fun, but I remember that was how it occupied more a place in my head than pressure than anything else. So it was like he also gave me the badges or it was not an enjoyment. If you enjoy it, later you can think about it and see the cool things you had. Obviously there are a lot, but at that time it was. There was one more good thing, let’s go. “

Speaking of competing, Is there a possibility that he will return to the battles? “I don’t think it’s like returning to battles, but because I think it’s a stage that I spent a lot of time on and that I think that in the stage that I am now more related to music and other things I can develop much more as a person and as an artist. . I do not like to close any door of anything, because it is what there is. What I am feeling I always did it by the desire and I am not going to speculate much “.

About her meeting with him Solar IndianI recounted: “It was a peak moment of madness. IImagine yourself riding in a car. You ring the bell and God attends the electric doorman. We went to the house, he was very calm, I bought a beer. I do not like much in general to detail about anything. Maybe he’s such a boss that he tells me “you if you want to tell me about it!” But it is also crazy to see that person and what they mean to you and represent to many people, what they generate in so many. After seeing him there hand in hand and feeling that generosity also on his part. It was also very exciting and shocking. “

Wos was encouraged to answer what many have been asking for a long time: your BZRP session. “The door is open with Biza. We talk. We are already there, flashing a bit, but it is difficult. It is difficult between the times. It is a matter of feeling when it is time to do it. I do not like that question of doing to do. But when we meet, he’s great. I’ve known Biza for a long time. I remember the Bizarrap or the first bizarre videos of him and the crazy combo that I’m dressed as an ice cream maker. And then I also eat that thing like a shared history that happens with several”.

Finally, What is the click that makes Wos who he is today? “I don’t think I did it yet. We’ll see. I think it’s the same feeling that one has with songs that say ‘well, the lyrics appeared in one day, right?’ information experiences that are happening to me so that today, this day such a letter appears here in one day. But I say the same, I think I would be lying if I say that there is a moment that makes me who I am. “

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