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It’s no secret to anyone that Halle Berry’s career has been full of ups and downs since she won the Oscar for Best Actress for The Past Condemns Us – 85%, and it is that sometimes, winning the statuette is more of a curse than a blessing for an interpreter’s career. The truth is that the actress has not had a movie in which her name sounds particularly loud, perhaps the most striking in these almost two decades after her historic achievement is John Wick 3: Parabellum – 98%, but this year she seems determined to retake her place as a dramatic actress with Herida – 24%, a film that also marks her directorial debut.

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Produced by Netflix, Wound had its world premiere at the 2020 Toronto Film Festival, although Berry’s work behind the camera did not leave indifference, it also failed to awaken the enthusiasm of film journalists who perceived this story of redemption and second chances as “shocking” , but not very assertive, although they do emphasize that it works as a reminder of the great potential she has as an actress.

Jackie “Juice” (Berry) is a disgraced MMA fighter who has failed at the one thing she has ever been good at: fighting in the ring. When his son Manny (Danny Boyd Jr.) returns to her life, a 6-year-old boy she abandoned when she was still a baby, Jackie will be forced to defeat her own demons, as well as face one of the most fearsome rivals in the world of MMA. To do this, you will first have to fight to become the mother your child truly deserves.

Criticism has been harsh with the debut of Halle berry, describing it as a film without personality, full of stumbles, with a handful of ideas and characters recycled from other sports films. What has disappointed the most is that the director has not taken any risk to differentiate her proposal from others and does not show a sense of cohesion to unite all the plots and ideas that are at stake, even some specialists point out that the lack of skill behind the camera is because Berry shows no interest in the discipline in which the drama takes place.

Some journalists are more cautious in their opinions, because while they point to an uneven direction and little depth, they also say that the film is a valiant effort on the part of Berry and, in this sense, positive reviews have highlighted its dramatic force regardless of its behind-the-camera performance, underlining that the film ends up being a reminder of how good an actress she is Halle berry. With a cast that has a chance to shine and a sincere story that is sometimes reminiscent of El luchador – 98% of Darren Aronofsky, are other elements that mark the other segment of specialists as positive, however, the consensus is that Wound – 24% is one of the mistakes of the actress. Here are some of their reviews:

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Kristen Lopez from Indiewire:

… doesn’t break new ground from a narrative point of view, but it does show Halle Berry’s strength as a director, with a powder keg of dominating interpretations within a simple story.

Ricardo Gallegos from The Figurine:

… a heavy movie for no reason in which Berry’s interest in the sport of the day (MMA) or an understanding of the complex themes on display is not noticeable.

Ian Freer from Empire:

… an excruciating mix of lazy sports movie cliches and tired melodrama, filled with standard Sundance cinematic styles, never finding an original voice that reflects the depth of its director.

Elsa Fernandez Santos from The country:

… is a Frankenstein built from clichés and cutouts of overly recognizable female characters …

Yolanda machado from The Wrap:

It’s a valiant effort by Berry, but it misses the mark, dragged down by a formulaic script, uneven direction, and shallow depth …

Peter Debruge from Variety:

… it plays out almost exactly as you’d expect, relying heavily on pathos when what you really need is personality.

Rick Valero from Music City Drive-In:

… the film lacks the risk that would take it to the next level (…) it does not have something that we would not have already seen in the world of sports films.

Nate adams from The Only Critic:

… “Wound” has nothing new or interesting to say about boxing and does not give Berry, who is also in front of the camera, anything meaningful to chew on.

Douglas davidson from Elements of madness:

Not all actors-turned-directors allow their cast to shine, but Berry does, and in doing so creates a strong ensemble atmosphere that makes “Hurt” memorable.

Gregory Wakeman of The National News:

… a very attractive and heartfelt film, similar to Darren Aronofsky’s The Wrestler.

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