Wow, The Durian Turned Out to Be Processed As Fast car charger For electric And telephone


Electric-Car. (Facebook/Anthony Clauson) – Scientists find new potential of the durian fruit can be used as a source of energy, the load quickly (fast-charge) to the electronic device, ranging from smartphone, maybe even a electric car or electric vehicle (EV).

The inventor of this technology, Professor Vincent G. Gomes University of Sydney, Australia, said that the durian is able to produce energy in super capacitors as a battery.

A number of electric car-mid recharge the battery. [Shutterstock]
A number of electric car-the middle of charging the battery [Shutterstock]

“The structure of the precision with which the biomass of the natural with the pores of the flat and hierarchical, that in the course of millions of years of biological evolution, provide a tremendous resource as a template for the synthesis of carbon-based material,” said Vincent G. Gomes, quoted from Ubergizmo on Monday (2/3/2020).

“Properties-properties are integrated from the area, high conductivity, and the liveliness of the interface is an electro-chemical reaction, diffusion of the ions, and the density of the charge carriers is high, can make it easier,” he continued.

Vincent G. Gomes that the durian can be a new alternative for the battery manufacturer, the super capacitors with a cheaper price than the market price.

This, the researcher makes will be challenged by a variety of experiments of organic materials in order to save the costs for the production of super capacitors.

Up to this time, the durian fruit is one of the organic material is projected, is still can play a role, as a source of power to electronic elements.

If this research is developed further and is successful, then in the future, the durian is known as one of the power-provider for mobile phone and other electronic goods. Grace.