WOW! The surprising decision of Sofia Richie It comes the most important announcement of his life!


Sofia Richie it is one of the personalities who best handles the social networks in all the universe of the show.

In their personal accounts, the model often is the cause of the rage among her millions of followers with its publications, where it is kept in contact with his fans.

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On this occasion, the young shocked Instagram with a few photos in which is shown enjoying a beautiful day at the beach.

Apparently, Sofia broke the quarantine that was fulfilling to perfection, to take a day under the sun at the edge of the sea.

In the images, it is possible to observe with the sky and the ocean front, of course, exposing her figure to the camera, causing praise for all his followers.

On the other hand, the top model gave an interview in which he confessed that he is near to launch its own brand of clothing and that, even, will be devoted full time to that.

In this way, Richie concretaría one of the dreams of your life, so that it would be willing to make great sacrifices to achieve it, even, to stop modeling.