WRC 5 PC Game Download Full Version

WRC 5 is another from the well-known series of games that fans of car games and rally racing fans love. Not everyone knows that the first title of this series was released five years ago, so the series of games has a five-year history. The first game of this series was released in 2010. Initially, the creator of the series was Black Bean Games , but the company was struggling with financial problems, so it was necessary to take it over. After it was taken over by Bigben Interactive , another version of the game was released. Previous versions of the WRC seriesThey have won millions of fans around the world, are valued for their excellent gameplay, realism of driving a rally car and many possibilities of playing. What is the current series? The term – much better – is a very general assessment that has a lot to do with reality, but it should be said straightforwardly. It’s easy to check. Just download the full version of WRC 5 Download and test yourself behind the wheel of one of the many rally cars and see that the latest version of this interesting game is much more interesting than the previous – it should be noted – excellent games.

WRC 5 PC Game Download Full Version

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In the latest series of games, thanks to the licenses held, the authors were able to faithfully recreate the championship from 2015, both routes and cars. In the game, as in the championships at that time, there are the same vehicles, identical teams, we drive on the same routes as rally drivers, even the special stages are identical. This solution is a unique opportunity to test yourself not only behind the wheel of a rally car, but also on the sections that rally car drivers have covered. So realism is downright amazing. Of course, from the point of view of every fan of car games, especially rally games, the realism of driving a rally car is very important, and in this title, as in previous WRC versions , it is very high.

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Cars drive great, according to the laws of physics, they react when cornering, grip depends on the condition of the road, its type or weather, so just like in the life of a real driver, you have to pay attention to it. It is not difficult to crash in the game, and it is also possible to cause minor damage to the car. Importantly – the option of vehicle damage – is also very realistic, many of them make it impossible to drive the vehicle, others significantly hinder it or change the driving characteristics. Get the full version of steam WRC 5 Download on your PC for free.

The newest part has been significantly improved graphically. It happened in part intentionally, but in part it happened because the game was also released on game consoles. The necessity to change the game code meant that on a classic PC, it looks much better graphically than the previous series.

Who can you recommend WRC 5 to ? Undoubtedly, all fans of car rallies and games in which the player’s primary responsibility is driving a car. Here, he can afford to ride without the brakes. Driving where the goal is to achieve the best possible time Driving which requires a lot of concentration, a lot of sports skills, the ability to predict the behavior of the vehicle and a bit of luck, because sometimes it is very useful. Get WRC 5 Download PC for free , get behind the wheel of a rally vehicle and set off on the routes of the world championship from a year ago. Achieve the best times possible, drive safely and fast enough to win. You can do it? It will not be easy, but this is only an advantage of this game and a guarantee of many hours of very interesting entertainment.

WRC 5 PC Game Download Full Version

Download Now

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