Writer Millie Bobby Brown: her first novel

Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi on their way to wedding: engagement announcement

You can tell her everything, but not that she sits idly by. Only 19 years old Millie Bobby Brown she is more like a hurricane than a young woman discovering life. The English actress does not sit still for a second. As recent events show.

Millie Bobby Brown Becomes a Writer

Looking forward to getting married Jake Bongiovi and back to the set very strange things 5Millie made herself a writer. He arrives, in fact, on September 12, nineteen steps, his first novel. The story of an 18-year-old girl from London in 1942 who has a special bond with Brown: she is his grandmother.

Plot of the Nineteen Steps

nineteen steps Millie Bobby Brown’s debut novel. And it’s inspired by his family’s experiences during World War II. It is 1942 and London is under constant threat of enemy attack as World War II rages on. At Bethnal Green, Nellie Morris considers herself lucky every day to emerge unscathed from underground shelters with her loving family still by her side.

Millie Bobby Brown

A thousand think and a thousand do. It’s about the new adventure of Millie Bobby Brown, who also became a writer. His first novel, The Nineteen Steps, is about to be released: here’s everything you need to know (not forgetting Stranger Things (photo by Ansa)

After three years of war, she is grateful to have kept the remnants of a normal life. His job is as assistant to the mayor. Evenings spent in a local pub with her best friend. But after a chance encounter with Ray, an American pilot stationed nearby, Nellie is elated at the thought that a larger world lies beyond the ruins of the city.

Just as Nellie begins to believe that she can start an exciting new life with Ray, a horrific accident occurs one evening during an air raid. The consequences of which are catastrophic. When the truth about that night is revealed, Nelly’s world is turned upside down. It seems that all hope is lost, but Nelly discovers that, no matter what, love and happiness can prevail.

The special bond between Millie Bobby Brown and the protagonist of the novel

The plot of the book is very close to its author. Millie was inspired to write it by her family history. In fact, the novel draws inspiration from stories that Ruth, Millie’s grandmother, told her as a child. Ruth survived the 1943 Bethnal Green Underground accident that killed 173 people and injured dozens. According to the BBC, these were the largest civilian casualties in the UK during World War II.

“Inspired by my grandma Ruth, this book is very personal and close to my heart,” the very young actress said as she unveiled the book cover on social media. “I grew up with stories about his life during the war. I am honored to preserve his story.”

Looking forward to Stranger Things 5

A forced break in a set is basically just a break. Caused first by a Hollywood writers’ strike. What prompted the brothers Matt and Ross Duffer suspend production very strange things 5 (although everything was ready and approved). Then from the actors. Which effectively paralyzed (almost) all American manufacturing. And not only. But Millie Bobby Brown is waiting, as soon as the controversy is over, on the set of the final chapter of the series that brought her worldwide fame.

Season five very strange things will pull the strings of a story set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana in the 80s, and the anticipation of the Duffer Brothers being about to face upside down once and for all keeps millions of fans on their toes. .

The Very Rich Career of Millie Bobby Brown

The only certainty is that Millie Bobby Brown will end the Eleven character at the end of the series. After refusing a millionaire to return to shaving his head for a movie or spin-off series.

After all, the success of Enola Holmes showed that the actress can do much more. She is 19 years old and her career is literally exploding. Fantasy ready to release girl and apocalyptic Electric State (signed Russo brothers). But Brown’s book is already booked for the next few years.

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Preparing for the wedding with Jack Bongiovi

There is actually one more thing that Millie Bobby Brown is planning to do in the near future. Married to boyfriend Jack Bongiovi, 21 years old. son of a rock star Jon Bon Jovi. To whom she has been engaged for several years. They announced their plans to get married in April. Maybe not right away, it can be seen at a young age, but soon. Milli’s schedule allows.


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