WSOP 2023: Fabio Coppola ninth in Deepstack, Chad Avesledge given multiple bracelets

But WSOP 2023 Here comes the Azzurri’s best ever result.

is signed by Fabio Coppola who finished ninth $600 No-Limit Hold’em Deepstack And this event once again confirms the comfort.

Meanwhile, the second bracelet arrives in a few days Chad Avesledge, the third in his career. As soon as he puts his hand down, his ringing gets heavy $10,000 Dealers Choice 6-Handed ChampionshipTraversing a region that is nothing short of sensational when it comes to names.

Finally, infinity stops $1,000 Mystery Millions – No-Limit Hold’em: Over 18,000 paying visitors for event #3, with Tyler Brown Looks down on everyone and has a million dollars in his pocket.

Let’s see in detail.

Event #3: Tyler Brown won the mystery bracelet

Thirty players took their places for the final sprint in $1,000 Mystery Millions – No-Limit Hold’emWith the Azzurri out of contention for the second day. rejoice Tyler Brown who would be able to claim to have beaten a field 18.187 Overcame an impressive number of paid opponents in this tournament.

Receives the new champion bracelet and the first $1 million coin: The heist that radically changes your life. brown at last Q-7 Vs AJ By Guang Chen, thanks to a trip to the Sevens that reduces the opponent’s opening hand. Dan Shaak The heaviest name among those who reached the last day.

The famous American player ended his run in seventh place for $154,000. Chris Hunnichen welcomes the 14th, with Randy Nguyen And francisco marquez who bid goodbye to Gaurav’s dreams, ranked 17th and 25th respectively.

final table payment

1 Tyler Brown US$1,000,000
2 Guang Chen US$561,320
3 Ryan McKnight US$429,360
4 Steven Thompson Costa Rica $330,150
5 Ryan Finis US$255,210
6 Tuan de Oliveira Navas Brazil $198,320
7 Dan Shuck US$154,940
8 Tam Ho Canada $121,683

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Event #10: Chad Avesledge doubles at the 2023 WSOP

It was in the air, encore and it became physical. Chad Avesledge wins in $10,000 Dealers Choice 6-Handed Championship, a few days after the first success of this version. The American player took a total of three bracelets in his career, but won both in this debut WSOP 2023 mark a watershed of sorts in his career.

win is worth a check 311.428 dollar for passed new champion dutch boyd: The latter was denied a fourth World Series of Poker title of his career, but took home a prize 192.479 Dollar. Ari Engel find the terminus at the fifth position with mike gorodinsky seventh, without forgetting john hennigan ninth place and Paul Volpe Eleventh.

final table payment

1 Chad Avesledge United States $311,428
2 Dutch Boyd United States $192,479
3 Jack Freeman United States $139,048
4 Dustin Dirksen United States $101,709
5 Ari Engel United States $75,341
6 Mark Johnson United States $56,528

Event #11: Fabio Coppola Ninth

Fabio Coppola long dreams of a coup d’état, in $600 No-Limit Hold’em Deepstackbefore raising the white flag in ninth place. In this first look at WSOP 2023, this is the best result yet for an Italian player. 318 Last day player

Excellent ride for Fabio until the formation of the official final table, then comes the hand that puts an end to the hopes of the bracelet: with one-3 Italian player finds himself dominated A-7 Of andres morales And the board, despite the illusion of a possible straight, smiled at its opponent. K-5-4-A-10,

Fabio Coppola collects 26,223 dollars and adds another great achievement to his career. ultimate victory is for all kenneth o’donnell: The first bracelet in his career, after subduing Jefferson Guerrero in the final duel. American receives 351.098 dollars, with Colombian take home 216,941 Bill.

final table payment

1 Kenneth O’Donnell $351,098
2 Jefferson Guerrero $216,941
chain ear of 3 $162,371
4 Aaron Georgelos $122,407
5 Robert Gittleman $92,953
6 Eric Pfenning $71,104
7 Manuel DeAlmeida $54,794
8 Andres Morales $42,539
9 Fabio Coppola $33,274

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