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WWE 2K16 PC Game Download Full Version

WWE 2K16 is another installment in the best series of wrestling games. The series has a long tradition – it started in 2000 with the launch of WWF Smackdown !. Initially, the series was created by THQ , but after its collapse in 2012, the rights to the series were taken over by 2K Games , which is responsible for the subsequent parts (together with Yuke’s studio). If you want to become a virtual wrestler, get WWE 2K16 download .

WWE 2K16 PC Game Download Full Version

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The production should appeal to most players, even those who are not megaphanatics of the discipline presented in the game. The example of this section shows that the series is moving in the right direction. As in most cyclical sports games, also here are introduced a number of improvements to the gameplay every year. Physics and player animations have been improved, for example, players’ hair or sweat running down their bodies look very realistic. Also worth mentioning is the changed counter system, the number of which is limited, some players have more of them, others less. This is where the strategic element in the game appears, we start to wonder what is the best moment to counterattack, the more so as the action itself is not the easiest one. In order to bring it out, we have to press the appropriate button at the right time, which is not always the easiest thing to do during a fierce fight. If you want to see if you are good enough, downloadWWE 2K16 download . In addition, the aiming system has been changed, which now allows the opponent to hit any part of the body, and he will react adequately.

In the game, we fight as a wrestler, whom we create ourselves at the beginning. Our rivals are the greatest wrestling legends, modern and past male and female stars. The peculiar pantheon includes, among others, Steve Austin, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose or Paige and Finn Balor. Several emerging NXT stars have also found their place in the ranks. Interestingly, each character is characterized not only by a different appearance, but also a different fighting style and unique blows. One of the advantages of the game is the large number of playable characters, a year earlier there were 67 of them, this year already 120. The detailed and faithful representation of the players also deserves praise, people who follow the actions of the wrestler’s cream should immediately recognize their idols. Another strength of the production is the sound setting,

As for the game modes offered by the production, the MyCareer mode is still the basis, in which we lead the player we create through the career ladder. Over time, we unlock new moves and skills to make it easier to shatter your opponents bones in future duels. The next mode is 2K Showcase, in which we will be able to take part in the most iconic wrestling duels. Yet another mode is WWE Universe, in which we can freely configure the game. In addition, we have many types of multiplayer games, both over the Internet and on one console. Check if you are the best virtual wrestler in the world – get WWE 2K16 download. WWE 2K16 is currently the best wrestling video game, so if you are hungry for thrills, spectacles, big galas and powerful punches, this position may be the game for you. Get WWE 2K16 Download and fight today.

WWE 2K16 PC Game Download Full Version

Download Now

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