WWE Payback, Doomsday, new PLE poster protagonist

WWE Payback, Doomsday protagonist of new PLE poster – PHOTOS

Despite some internal clutches, also ongoing SummerSlam at the end of the match between Seth Rollins and Finn Bálor, the doomsday stable is still ubiquitous on WWE screens. In addition to Raw and SmackDown, the foursome also invaded NXT with Dominic Mysterio’s shock win for the NXT North American Championship.

And now came a new, great recognition. this is actually the protagonist of the Payback poster., Premium Live Event scheduled for September 2 in Pittsburgh. The poster was released yesterday by Triple H to a very positive reaction from fans.

Bálor also compared the stable to the Beatles: “Paul certainly wasn’t a brilliant musician, but he was the voice of reason in the band.

Rhea is perfect for John. Full of natural charisma and loving personality behind that intimidating look. Dom and Ringo speak for themselves. He may not be a fan favorite, but like Ringo, Dom is a company favorite and brings a lot of humor to everything.

Damien is like George, George was certainly underestimated, but when he got his chance he shone, just like Damien against Bad Bunny or Money in the Bank, he always shows his worth.

When will the doomsday split occur?

It’s still too early to tell, even if the first signs have surfaced in recent weeks, and the involvement of Finn Bálor’s protégé JD McDonagh could spark further tensions within the group.

In the meantime, good news for Rhea Ripley: partner Buddy Matthews proposed to her, after several years of engagement, giving him a classic diamond ring. The announcement was made this morning with a tender photo of the two on social media, in which Rhea expressed all her happiness over what happened.

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