WWE Planet #1025 – Guess who’s coming to dinner?

WWE is in the business of wrestling, entertainment and therefore storytelling. Sometimes they are difficult to understand, sometimes completely illogical, sometimes, fortunately, simple and understandable. The most successful stories are those in which we can reflect ourselves, because, after all, we have all been there (or will be there) once.

The story that WWE told us this Friday certainly worked like crazy. Although, perhaps, he has a peculiarity: he told us about this indirectly. In a new world where WWE and UFC are one and the same, the first episode of SmackDown under the new auspices did not change dramatically; Of course, it was madness to expect this, let’s not talk about it. But WWE told us the good old story of you going to meet his/her parents. He didn’t do it the traditional way. He didn’t show us the shocking sequences of a wrestler going to dinner with his partner’s parents on the sidelines of a bizarre storyline. However, he did it by building SD the way he built it: an incredibly gigantic episode that packed everything it could into two hours. Just as we dress up, we hide our shortcomings as best we can at the table, talk coyly, eat everything and scatter long-winded compliments on everything that concerns his parents, be it the prepared sauce or this terrible trash on the furniture in the living room; in the same way, the federation has decided to make every effort in the matter of beauty to show itself more beautiful than ever. Realizing that not everything depends on this first meeting, that what is important is love for him/her and not for possible future in-laws, but still focus on making the best impression because you know that they will be ready to understand every the stain, blemish or carelessness left behind condemns the choice of its descendant. So WWE is aware that presenting a boring episode of the blue show would certainly not ruin a merger already completed and listed on the stock market, but is equally aware that the eyes of the world would be on FOX far more than FOX. a common thing after a whole week spent on everyone’s lips.

About a good dress, washed and perfumed, with appropriate manners and attention to detail. John Cena has clearly been dusted off – who’s on the first page of the guide anyway? “Make a Good Impression on His/Her Parents 101” – without hesitation putting him in the main event (not for the fight, but still in the main event) and without hesitation given his recent increased involvement in recent weeks. Pat McAfee recovered without problems, is always able to attract attention and is always valuable for his pop transversality. And then the big shot, the big shot: a way was immediately found to fit into the only agenda more loaded with obligations and social videos than Georgia Meloni’s – the return of The Rock. What figure could you come up with better? But as mentioned, there are fireworks, as well as violins in the background, sweeping gestures and attention to detail. In fact, we did not stop there and paid attention to almost everything, even combat operations. It’s no coincidence that quality was also king in the ring, with AJ Styles taking on Finn Balor and Bayley taking on Asuka in PLE. Overbooking is like social media: it’s hard to give up, but it doesn’t matter. On the other hand, we can also hide a tattoo on our arm with long sleeves, but there is little we can do about a nose piercing. Oh yes, there is something of the old mentality in this, and that is absolutely true. But on the other hand, I challenge you to say that a regular episode of SmackDown is always like a Friday episode. This would be difficult and perhaps a little over the top. And the result is also old: whoever doesn’t like you will never like you; If someone likes you, you will have to put a lot of effort into not liking them. After such a loving start, it’s hard to imagine TKO or Endeavor not loving the economic value that WWE has, no matter how many Dwayne Johnsons you bring into an episode.

Everything is something of a goal in itself: once dinner is over, we will be our normal selves again, for better or for worse. Once SD and possibly tonight’s Raw are over, WWE will be normal again. We savor the perfect moment—or the goosebumps, as in the case of “The Rock”—hoping that the next moment will come soon. This may also leave us with one final thought. At a dinner where they had to be on top, WWE made a huge effort and sacrifice. But he didn’t create any other, much smaller ones, leaving out those who are generally considered the best the WWE has to offer. Curious, isn’t it?

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