WWE wanted to bring new members to Rey Mysterio’s LWO

WWE wanted to bring new members to Rey Mysterio’s LWO
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One of the stables that has formed in the WWE in recent months responds to the name LVOthat is Latin world orderthe team has already been seen in the rings of the deceased GVH when it’s late Eddie Guerrero started a revolution among Latino athletes in the rings of the Turner family company, more than 20 years ago.Rey Mysterioshortly before his induction into this year’s Hall of Fame, decided form this stable againfully inserted Ghost Legacy then formed Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde, Cruz Del Toro and Zelina Vega in the stable.

In a small moment too bad rabbitfamous singer, got into a stable close to PPV backlash, which was broadcast from Puerto Rico. However, apparently, WWE planned add two new members into the Latin stable, that is Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillonow under NXT. According to Wrestling Watcher and then from the pages wrestling newsthis was the idea of ​​WWE prior to their move to NXT.

In your latest update Dave Meltzer Indeed, he stated:

Now we know that the idea flashed through the author’s mind that the Garza cousins ​​would end up contacting the LWObut in the end it was one of those things that is easy to change at the last minute“.

Zelina Vega and beautiful words about LWO

Speaking a few weeks ago into microphones WrestleSpheresame Zelina Vega showed what it means to be joined the Latin American world ordersaying: “Join LVO it changed my lifemy wrestling career and my life in general.

For me, this is a new form of personality, because I never thought I’d ever be a good girl. as if i can show me from a new side and the workout followed by Rey Mysterio is what I never thought that I could“.

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