X Factor 2023, the touching story of Angelique Beauvais, who lost her parents: “The only people I really wanted to see were me”

The first round of X Factor 2023 auditions features a contestant who particularly impressed the judges and audience. Her touching story and the intensity of Arisa’s performance in “Note” convinced everyone.

His voice is tense, full of experience and a little raspy, just like theirs. Mia Martini and Amy Winehousecompletely defeated four judges “X Factor 2023Angelique Beauvais presented by “Night” by Arisa because “it completely reflects, word for word, all the pain that I have been experiencing for a year now, every day,” she explained to Ambra, who asked her why she chose this song. Angelica has never sung in public, only in the bath (“I was always a little jealous of my voice”) and in some videos posted on TikTok. where she is followed by more than 350 thousand subscribers and has collected 4.8 million likes..

Straight to TikTok, Angelique tries her hand at a vast international repertoire.. Among others: “Leave a Light On” by Tom Walker, “Creep” by Radiohead, “Yellow” by Coldplay, “Set Fire to the Rain” by Adele, “I Want To Break Free” by Queen, “It’s a Man’s Man’s Song.” A Man’s World by James Brown and You Know I’m No Good by Amy Winehouse. Besides “La Notte” by Ariza, another Italian song is “Cinque giorni” by Michele Zarrillo. In short, the X Factor 2023 writers and music director have a clear path on paper to choose from on the covers for Angelique’s eventual arrival on the Live stage on October 26th.

Applause from the audience at the end of his speech at “X Factor 2023moved the young singer to tears, who later admitted: “The only two I would really like to see are me. these are the people I lost“. He makes references to his parents, and his Instagram profile has several posts dedicated to his mother and father.

He addressed the latter with such touching words: “I cannot use past tense verbs to remember you through words, because our love is too alive to end with the words: “I loved him madly and you are too great a man and father to end an inexplicably huge era“. And then to the mother: “I am looking for words to remember you, to remind us, but I do not have the strength to look at the immensity that I have lost. I would like to stop and touch this abyss, but I don’t have the courage. I don’t have enough courage, but that smile that only you could have, despite your illness, took away the strength to smile more and more, I can’t and won’t get it out of my head, because this is the greatest life lesson and demonstration of love I could receive.” A story that touched everyone.

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