X-Men: Apocalypse created bullshit between Fox and feminists


X-Men: Apocalypse, the poster of the box office champions session this Sunday (19), on Globo, caused controversy even before reaching the cinemas four years ago. Promotional material for the film caused a stir between Fox, responsible for the promotion, and feminists from all over the world, in 2016. At the time, it was badly picked up by an advertisement for the release of the film, which had an image of violence against women.

The controversial ad for X-Men: Apocalypse appeared on billboards in several cities in the United States, such as Los Angeles and New York. In the image, the villain Apocalypse, played by Oscar Isaac, strangles the character Mística, the role of Jennifer Lawrence. In addition to the image of a man assaulting a woman, the material contained the phrase “Only the strong will survive” – ​​in Portuguese, “Only the strong will survive”.

The material caused revolt and received a flood of criticism on social media. At the time, a banner for the film, printed on a subway station in New York, was the target of a protest, starting to show the message “This violence in front of my children is not ok”. The accusations stated that the material released by Fox incited violence against women and femicide.

After controversy endorsed by the famous actress, Fox removed material from circulation

According to the American website Deadline, the marketing campaign that showed Mystique being strangled by Apocalypse would have been approved by a top Fox executive. The information only further fueled the protests against the image, which included even the actress Rose McGowan, star of the Charmed series, and the movie Panic (1996).

On social media, she said there is a big problem when Fox men and women believe that casual violence against women is a way of promoting a film. “The geniuses behind this, and I use that term ironically, need to look in the mirror for a long time and see how they are contributing to society. Imagine if it were a black man being strangled by a white man, or a gay being strangled for a straight guy? “asked McGowan.

“Let’s clarify things: Fox since you do not intend to put a director to direct your films, at least remove this advertisement”, concluded the actress, noting the little space for filmmakers in North American studios. The theme, moreover, after four years, is far from being overcome: at Oscar 2020, Natalie Portman pointed out the absence of women among those nominated for the best direction.

After the controversy, Fox issued an apology statement. “We did not immediately recognize the disturbing connotation caused by this image in print. As soon as we realized how insensitive we were, we quickly took steps to remove these materials. We apologize for our actions and will never condone violence against women,” he said. the statement issued by Fox at the time.

Despite the controversy generated during the release period, X-Men: Apocalypse achieved great success, becoming the third highest-grossing of the franchise. The film directed by Bryan Singer earned more than $ 543 million worldwide.

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