Xabi Lame is the most popular tiktoker of 2023

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Habane “Habi” Lameknown from videos tik tak in which he silently mocks complex videos of scenes from everyday life, holds the title of most followed TikToker in the first half of the year with over 160,500,000 subscribers. With a benefit of around 10 million followers per dancer and influencer Charlie D’Amelio.

Key facts

  • Lame, a public figure of Senegalese-Italian descent, has become popular on a short video app where he shows videos of everyday life and silently teases or simply shows an easier way to solve a problem with a practical solution.
  • Lame surpassed D’Amelio as the most followed TikToker in June 2022 and has held the crown ever since.
  • Since he became famous on social networks, Lame has been appointed as a judge Italy has talentsigned a multi-year contract with Hugo Boss and has voice acting in the Italian dubbed version of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.
  • On June 27, Lame premiered his short film “I am Habane”, which tells the story of Lame’s social media success, at the Taormina Film Festival held in Italy.

5 most popular accounts

As of June 29th, these are the 5 TikTok accounts with the most followers, according to SocialTracker:

Khabi Blades: 160 100 000
Charlie D’Amelio: 150 700 000
Bella Pocket: 92 700 000
Addison Ray: 88 600 000
Mister Beast: 83 200 000


Lame, 23, started posting videos to TikTok in 2020 after he was fired from his job in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic. His comedy videos have been praised for having a style that suits everyone.

In an interview with The newspaper “New York TimesLame said his silent reaction to the absurd videos life hacks that duets have a “global language”, and that his “comic expression and simplicity of content” helped him become a big influence.


While TikTok is growing in popularity and the app is becoming a more popular place for businesses to reach new audiences and sell products, it still faces challenges and people are concerned that the Chinese app is collecting US user data, which could be into the hands of the communist party.

While there is no national ban on TikTok, most US states and Congress have banned the app from use on government devices, and Montana recently became the first state to pass a law banning the app outright. The law has drawn legal objections from the public and criticism from free speech advocates who argue that the ban “unlawfully restricts one of the fundamental freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment”.

In numbers

1.677 billion According to data analytics firm Demand Sage, that’s exactly how many TikTok users are, and more than 1 billion of them are considered monthly active users. In March, the number of American TikTok users exceeded 150 million.


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