Xabi Lame makes his Fortnite video game debut (WATCH TRAILER)

Xabi Lame doesn’t stop anymore.

The world’s most popular TikToker hits Fortnite, the most famous Epic Game video game on the planet.

This is the news of the day, and it immediately caught the attention of millions of video game fans who did not miss the presence of the Chivassian tiktoker among the characters in the launch trailer for “Chapter 4, Season 4” of the very successful saga.

Xabi, a Senegalese native who grew up in Chivasso, is now a world-famous star with almost 162 million followers.

In the video game, as can be seen from the trailer, Xabi plays a real-life character: the trailer for “Ultima Spiaggia”, the fourth chapter of Fortnite, is set in the context of a robbery, and in the video, the Chivass TikToker character can be seen with all his selections of expressions and gestures, rendered truly authentically. that went viral on social media.

Thus, Xabi is included in the Icons of Fortnite list, a branch of the list created to celebrate the most famous figures in the world of games, entertainment, sports, music and pop culture. Before him, it fell to the lot of other characters such as Neymar Jr, John Wick with the advent Kenau Rive, Mike Lowry interpreted Will Smith, marshmello with a skin created for the first virtual concert of the game and Astronomical based on the rapper’s tour of the same name Travis Scott.

Fortnite is a 2017 third-person shooter video game developed by People Can Fly and published by Epic Games for consoles and PC.

The game has three different modes that have the same graphics engine: Battle the World, Creative Mode and battle royale.

The game was able to captivate fans all over the planet and spread its fame even beyond the video game context.

Thus Xabi’s golden year continues and in a few days he will also make his debut as a judge on the TV program Italy’s Got Talent.

Known for his funny TikTok videos and legendary “life hack” video expressions, the 23-year-old from Chivasso is universally recognized as the “creator” with the most followers.

Xabi Lame is now a real star (estimated to be worth between $1.3 million and $2.7 million, ed.), so much so that he’s been chosen as a judge for the next issue of the magazine. “Italy has talent”airs on Disney+.

And it certainly needs no introduction.

Xabi the Lame Judge from Italy Has Talent

Originally from Senegal, he recently became an Italian citizen in “his” Chivasso: from the age of 7 to 21, he lived in the Borgo-South-Est area with his family.

His popularity skyrocketed in 2021 when his short videos and “wordless” humor infected TikTok users during the pandemic. After losing his job at a factory in the Chivasse area, Xabi made a breakthrough.

In his videos, he touches on difficult everyday problems known as “life hacks” with natural irony, solving them in his own way with the help of his now famous mute and eloquent faces that have gone viral. Now he is the most popular tiktoker in the world, even surpassing the record Charlie D’Amelio.

From social media star to red carpet, Xabi Lame has made his way into show business.

In August 2021, he starred in Juventus’ purchase announcement. Manuel Locatelli and the following month he was a guest at the Venice Film Festival, where he attended the first screening of Xavier Giannoli’s Illusioni perdute.

He has currently moved from Chivasso to Milan and from recent social media stories it appears that the videos were recorded in America.

Xabi signed a multi-year partnership agreement with Hugo Boss and embodies his image of the protagonist of the Super Easy comic book. But that’s not all: last year he was in the European Parliament, where he received the African Fashion Gate’s “Fashion Wears the World” award and was selected as a member of the Cannes Film Festival jury to judge the short films competition. .

In a recent interview with The New York Times, Habi stated that his silent response to the absurd life hack videos he performs in duets is characterized by “global language” and that his “comic facial expressions and the simplicity of its contenthelped him become a big influencer.

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