Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes: This daring joke of a French star makes Internet users die of laughter but …


Actress Frederique Bel shared a joke on her Instagram account that made her community laugh to tears.

The stars have tried to be as original as possible to celebrate the arrival of the year 2020. Some have opted for romance while others have opted for humor.

This is the case with Julien Dore or even Frederique Bel. The 45-year-old actress shared the parody tweet of Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes to present her wishes for 2021. “The family especially”, could be read on the tweet. As a reminder, Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes is the main suspect in the unsolved case of “The Nantes killing”, where five members of the Dupont de Ligonnes family were found murdered in Nantes (Loire-Atlantique) in April 2011.

Faced with this joke posted by the actress, many Internet users were very amused by this black humor. However, a few did not want to laugh.

“It’s out of place”, “I don’t understand how one can laugh at such a drama. People whose children have died …”, “How sad, especially for this family”, “But Frederique What is this supposed murderer doing in your wishes? And associating it with the word family… is that black humor ??

 Touched by the deaths of Pierre Cardin and Robert Hossein!

Two personalities passed away at the end of 2020. First the couturier and stylist, Pierre Cardin, on December 29, and then the director and actor Robert Hossein. As a tribute, she held published a famous quote from the ex-companion of Jeanne Moreau. “Fashion is always ridiculous before and after, and during it is wonderful”.

For the one to whom we owe the Dusseldorf Vampire, she had reserved precious lines: