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Xbox Live would have more bugs than PlayStation Network according to a report

The glitches are part of the internet and the overall gaming experience, but new data indicates that members of Xbox Live may be at greater risk of suffering from them than users of PlayStation Network. As games evolve, the Internet is increasingly essential with cloud gaming and subscription services. This is even more prevalent since COVID-19 became a global pandemic. The disease has had a notable impact on the gaming landscape, to the point that PSN subscriptions dropped when the quarantine periods ended.

Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold They are two of the largest subscription services in the gaming arena, and they earn Microsoft a hefty sum each year. PS Plus and PS Now They’re also relevant options for gamers, especially considering that PlayStation hardware has always been more popular over the decades, but it’s hard to compete with the library of games that Game Pass offers. Xbox offers new games every month that Game Pass subscribers have full access to, and the service is so popular that it is poised to replace Xbox Live Gold entirely.

Unfortunately, in the last twelve months, Xbox It has been the one that has suffered the most interruptions between the two services, with 63 incidents, according to ToolTester. PlayStation It has only suffered 49 in the same period of time, making PS Plus a more reliable service since last year. However, both rank better than Steam, which more than doubles PlayStation outages, at 99. All three contribute to making games the most disrupted online service in the UK and US, according to the data they represent. some of the major servers and websites in the western world. Gaming is one of the most popular media on the planet, which can be seen in how quickly the PS5 reached one million units in Japan, so it’s understandable that it experiences a lot of disruption. However, the games had more problems than the categories “Social”, “Entertainment”, “Banks” and “Technology” combined.

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It seems that gamers have another reason to buy a PS5 instead of an Xbox Series X | S. So far in the console generation, PlayStation has remained the leader in terms of engaging exclusives, including upcoming games like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic РRemake, Horizon Forbidden West, and God of War: Ragnar̦k. Now that PlayStation has proven to have potentially more reliable online services, the likelihood that Xbox reach sales of PlayStation in this generation of consoles it is less and less. Despite the prolific Xbox Game Pass offerings, PlayStation has built a massive audience over the past two decades, an audience that has propelled every major PlayStation console above any Xbox console on the sales charts.

However, regardless of which gaming services are most reliable, the large number of reported outages is a cause for concern when considering the trajectory of the industry. Cloud gaming is expected to be the future of the industry, and while being kicked out of online games is often the worst case scenario, outages on platforms like Google Stadia could result in the loss of save files in long games. single player. Discuss the quality of Xbox in front of that of PlayStation It can lead to interesting discussions about hardware, software, and the industry as a whole, but some of the insights from this data may have important implications for the future of games.

Source: ToolTester

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