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Xbox Series X Dashboard Coming Soon to 4K

Microsoft is testing this week a new update in 4K to the interface of Xbox series x which, hopefully, will reach everyone else throughout this year.

Whether it’s practical for studios to be able to continue working on games and consoles after launch, or it seems like an overused measure, being able to update or fix something remotely is incredibly helpful. It doesn’t just mean fixing something that shouldn’t be broken from launch. It can also be the addition of a feature that could not be implemented initially.

For example, an update for the Xbox series x which is being tested this week. The console interface is receiving an update in 4K. In fact, Xbox Insiders who are part of the Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead circles should already have access to the update that will give them a more attractive user interface. As long as your TV or monitor is 4K ready, of course.

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This change means that Home, Guide and other areas of the user interface will be displayed in a higher native resolution to increase the clarity and readability of the text.“the update notes say. The user interface of the X series currently works at 1080p. It is not mentioned whether the S Series will receive the same treatment. The less powerful console is capable of 4K operation, so its own interface will most likely be the subject of the same update.

This is the second big change in the interface of Xbox that Microsoft introduces in the space of a week. Insiders can also try the new night mode. It not only dims the brightness of what appears on the screen, but it also dims the LED light on the controller and even dims the light coming out of the power button. If the tests are successful, other owners of the X series They should have access to night mode and the 4K interface by the end of this year.

Sony is running its own tests in a similar way on PS5. As promised, PS5 owners will be able to expand the console’s internal storage very soon. A beta test for the upcoming feature is already underway, and several SSD makers have started showcasing their made-for-PS5 products.

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