Xbox-X Series Can Run 5 Games At Once Thanks To The Features Of Quick-Resume


INDOZONE.ID After officially announced the full specifications of the next-gen consoles that the Xbox series the X -, now Microsoft shows one of the features of their flagship, the soon come to the console Quickly resume.

Quick Resume is a feature that allows the user to load up 5 games at once. Of course, this function is also the wait for the Xbox user for a long time.

More precisely, this function works like a smartphone, you can proceed with the application you had open. Later in the process, as this is the capacity of the RAM is large enough.

In a video uploaded to the Microsoft YouTube Xbox, it will be seen that a short CV is able to support 3 to 5 games. The user can immediately continue your game, without the game all over again.

Although the transfer process is not too fast (it takes less than 10 seconds), a Quick-Resume-this is one of the innovations, cool, which is presented in the Xbox series X.

For your information, the Xbox series, X itself is planned to be launched by the end of 2020. Up to now there is no information about the price of the console.

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