Xiaomi Closed the Mi-Store is the First and only one in English


EXACTLY.CO The huge Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi, start the smartphone business with online marketing strategies. During the first few years, the company, in accordance with online marketing that is certainly successful. However, two or three years ago, Xiaomi started offline marketing.

Offline marketing is actually not bad. The result was above the expectations. Xiaomi currently has thousands of stores offline id verification around the world. However, especially in the UK, the facts speak for others.

In the UK, Xiaomi only a offline store has. And oddly enough, Xiaomi close to the Mi Store is the first and only one in English. The store opened in November of 2018 and is located in Westfield Shopping Centre, London.

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Since the 5. In March, the Mi-Store is no longer serve and the sale of real estate. In addition to the official Twitter account store @mistorelondon also no longer active. According to the Website of Westfield, Mi Store to open is located in the shopping center.

Xiaomi calls the movement as adjustments to the strategy of the local retail trade, the rapid growth in Western Europe. The proof, the user Xioami in-and Mi-Fans in the UK prefer mproduk Xiaomi and even more, to visit the Website mi.com/uk.