Xiaomi: Corona Virus is not on the sales


Merdeka.com – Recently, Redmi, the release of the online-K30 Per do. During this event turned up some interesting statement from Xiaomi.

Reported in addition, microsoft has announced that Lu Weibing, the VP of Xiaomi and also the Gm of the Redmi, the smartphone market, they are not affected by the pandemic in the corona.

Virus Covid-19 could lead to paralysis at the various locations of production and supply routes. Not only that, branches, close, the main cause for the decline in the sales figures of smartphones in General.

However, according to Weibing, the market of Smartphones has not been seriously affected. This is because, although the shops are closing, the stores, your online store remains open, and the sales increased.

He also praised how the logistics of the Chinese government, which is strong in the midst of a difficult time, so that users who upgrade wanted your gadgets will still buy.

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Competition With Huawei

The VP also talk a little bit about the competition with the Chinese tech-giant Huawei.

He said that, although they struggled to win market shares, he remains the honorary Huawei for all the efforts and successes during this time.

Huawei and Xiaomi itself has a lot of work, and they share a lot of ideas for the future of the platform AIoT, the developed now.

The Executive is also known that Xiaomi are a few steps behind Huawei for some of the things revealed by him.

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