Xiaomi Mi 10 released, using the Snapdragon-865 and the camera 108MP


Well, Mi-10 and Mi-10 Pro is the flagship device of Xiaomi for the year 2020, both equipped with a Snapdragon processor 865 latest SoC, and sensor camera HMX 108MP.

Xiaomi finally officially Global series Mi-10, which was first launched in China a month ago published. Both devices were initially planned to release at the MWC by 2020, should be postponed in connection with the spread of the pandemic corona.

Well, Mi-10 and Mi-10 Pro is the flagship device of Xiaomi for the year 2020, both equipped with a Snapdragon processor 865 latest SoC, and sensor camera HMX 108MP sensor developed, Xiaomi, and Samsung.

There are also some aspects, which is also the company worth noting, in this year, such as increased battery capacity, refresh rate on the screen, and some other features. For details can be seen by the following table.

Xiaomi Mi 10-Series

Mi 10

Wed 10 Per


Qualcomm Snapdragon 865

1x Cortex-A77 @2.84 GHz

3x Cortex-A77 @2.42 GHz

4x Cortex-A55 @1.80 GHz

Adreno 640 @587MHz





90Hz Refresh

90Hz Refresh




Wireless Charging

30W charging cable

50W Charge

Rear Camera

108MP 1/1.3″ 0.8 µm

4:1 grouping to 27MP / 1.6 µm

f/1.69 w/ OIS

8K video recording


2x Optical

12MP 1.4 µm Dual-PD


Extra Tele –

5x Optical

8MP 1.0 µm

f/2.0 w/ OIS


13MP 1.12 µm

20MP 1.0 µm



117° FoV

117° FoV


2MP depth camera

2MP camera with Macro

Front Camera

20MP 0.8 µm




256 GB

UFS 3.0

UFS 3.0

Wi-Fi (local)

802.11 ax (Fi 6) & Bluetooth 5.1

Splash -, Water -, Dust-Resistance

No Rating

Launch OS

Android 10 w/ MIUI

Launch Price

8+128 GB: 799€

8+256 GB:999€

Equipped with Snapdragon 865, series Mi-10 to compete in the category Flagship smartphone. The first processor of the brand-new belongs to Qualcomm, the highest performance is accompanied by energy efficiency is better.

Please note, you configure the Xiaomi Mi-10 and Mi 10 Pro with 8GB LPDDR5 and storage UFS 3.0 with a choice of 128 or 256 GB for the Mi, 10, and the model of the 256-GB Wed, 10 Per. These include the use of the Interface also as a storage medium is very fast. Hardware updates the support for WiFi 6, and modem – to-support X55 5G network.

Source: Anandtech

In order to remain competitive, Xiaomi is also with a screen with a span of 6.67 inches, the screen resolution FHD+ 2340 x 1080 and refresh rate 90Hz. Beautify the appearance, Xiaomi use the screen with the curved periphery.

This phone is also a little thicker and heavier, probably due to the size of the battery is much larger, namely 4780mAh in Mi, 10 and 4500mAh Mi 10 Pro.

The camera is the main feature of the series Mi 10. Both phones are equipped with sensor for Samsung HMX 108MP 1/1,3 inches of 0.8 µm Quad-Bayer, which usually involves the resolution pitch effective pixels 27MP 1.6 µm, the in the recording modes the usual.

Although the Mi-10 is not the first phone that uses sensor-108MP HMX, when paired with the ISP, the one who is stronger than the Snapdragon 865, the device allows you to use the sensors optimally. Supposedly there will be a lot of new camera features on the new units.

Video recording-8K is also one of the most important features of the implementation, the Mi-10, thanks to a high-resolution sensor and Snapdragon 865 SoC.

Source: Anandtech

Mi 10 Pro on the other hand, came with three other camera. Ultra-wide-angle is still there, but now the unit 20MP is 1.0 microns with optical f/2.2. Unit-Tele is also interesting in its configuration. Instead, you choose the type of periscope, Xiaomi uses a 8-Megapixel sensor 1.0-µm small, the ability to 5x optical zoom, with f/2.0 aperture relatively wide, and support OIS.

To close the gap this long-range, Xiaomi between the main camera and a telephoto camera added zoom optical 2x more, this time on the 12MP camera with 1.4 µm pixels and the support for focusing dual-PD. Optically, f/2.0, but this time less OIS.

Sales-Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro starts on 15 April in Europe, and is expected to be followed by other regions. This device will be allegedly, prices start from €799, or about Rp14 million.