Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro, Cheapest phone with the Best camera


Suara.com – Earlier this year, Xiaomi gebrakkan to do with the release of the Mi Note 10 Pro status is a mobile phone with a camera-108-MP-the first in the world.

So, whether the order of magnitude of the resolution of the camera is just a gimmick, or can, in fact, make the eyes? The answer lies in the review of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro here.


Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro Midnight Black, so variant (s) of the to stop by the editor Suara.com. Elegant and luxurious are two words for a first impression when trying out this device.

A small note about its design flaws, namely, in the module of the camera, so it is prone to scratches. Fortunately, it has Xiaomi an additional housing that it is in the crib selling the Mi Note for 10 Per.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Per. [Suara.com/Tivan Rahmat]
Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Per. [Suara.com/Tivan Rahmat]

Move it to the front, stretched the screen with one edge of the curved, thin bezel, with a cutout patterned drops of water.

At the bottom there are some holes for the audio Jack of 3.55 mm, USB type-C and speaker. Again, the phone is also equipped with NFC.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Per. [Suara.com/Tivan Rahmat]
Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Per. [Suara.com/Tivan Rahmat]

While the power button and the volume settings on the right side with a distance that is not too far away, so that not infrequently the fingers and pressed the button.

Xiaomi itself has two slots for Nano-SIM without the support of microSD. Understandably, the memory is by default quite relieved that 256 GB. Like most of the phones from Xiaomi, the Mi Note 10 Pro also has a IR Blaster, which can be used as a remote electronic device has.