Xiaomi Officially Mi Real, Wireless headphones with 2-Codec LDHC!


INDOZONE.ID In addition to the introduction of the Mi-10, Mi 10 and Mi 10 Lite 5G Global, Xiaomi Wireless earphone 2 is also start the TWS new ie Mi True, this is the international version of Mi AirDots Pro 2.

Be aware of the device TWS comes with Bluetooth connections, 5.0, make it, can Android connect to and iOS devices. In addition, TWS also a codec, LDHC (Low-Latency-High-Definition-Audio-Codec) to the sound quality and the connection smoothly.

LDHC-Codec (photo/Wikipedia)

Then there are several other supporting features such as voice control, touch, and also the infrared sensor that stops the music that is played when the device is removed from the user ear.

Xiaomi equip Mi True Wireless headphone 2 with this driver, audio size 14.2 mm which is claimed to have better sound quality than its predecessor.

Mi True Wireless Headphone 2
Mi True Wireless headphone 2 (photo/Xiaomi about. In addition, microsoft has announced)

The problem of the durability, and later earbuds wireless they can be used for 4 hours without stop, and can be extended for 14 h with a housing bear.

Later, Mi True Wireless headphone 2 this is with the price Rp1,4 million will be sold in Europe and is available in a color version, namely white. If you are interested with the earbuds wireless?

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