Xiaomi To Sell 110 Million Units Of Mobile Phones Redmi Note Timlo.net


Timlo.net--Xiaomi has already released a mobile phone Redmi Note since 2014. Since it was released, the series Redmi Note popular with consumers. Because of the popularity, now the manufacturer announced, if they sell 110 million units of mobile phones Redmi Note.

Redmi is currently Brand apart from Xiaomi. But you share the resources, production and supply chain with Xiaomi. The release of Redmi Note, 9 pro and Redmi Note 9 Pro-Max recently, surely the amount of sales, it could boost write GSM Arena Friday (12/3).

While event start, Redmi also discover some of the performance series Redmi Note. Redmi note 4G is smartphone first in India with prices below INR10.000. While the Redmi Note 4 is smartphone the most in demand in India for three of the four quarter of 2017. Redmi note: 5 is the series with the highest sales in the year 2018. While the Redmi Note 7 to the title in 2019. One of them is because smartphone it is the 48MP camera with a relatively cheap price was published.

Editor : Ranu Ario