Xilella Fastidiosa: Giuseppe Conte’s ambiguities and hoaxes spread by Beppe Grillo’s blog

Post entitled “Is Italy incurable?“, in which we once again talked about “a big scam hidden behind the withered olive trees of Salento” For those who are not familiar with the topic, Xylella Fastidiosa is a bacterium that has found its home in hundreds of thousands of olive trees in Puglia. determining their death and, in all likelihood, threatening the development and even the landscape of the region. The bacterium has its responsibilities, but some politicians have much more.

Now what do they think Beppe Grillo or Petra Reschi – the German journalist who wrote the post – about this drama that has befallen Apulia, to be honest, I don’t think anyone is interested anymore. What Italians may be interested in, however, is What former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and the 5 Star Movement he leads think about the Xilella Fastidiosa problem. Their thoughts interest us because they are still in institutionsand they also had to decide what measures to take to counter the spread of the bacteria while they were in government.

What is M5S? The one who tickles vaccine deniers and anti-vaxxers for election purposes, or the one who in the last legislature voted for the final Xylella fact-finding report that said we should follow the science? He is the one who, in the last legislature, proposed and voted for all the amendments to the agricultural emergency decree, introducing bureaucratic simplifications, obligations to destroy infested plants, targeted exceptions for the protection and conservation of monumental olive trees and sanctions. for those who do not comply with the rules to protect the environment, income, agriculture and landscape of our land? Was he the one who voted to allocate 300 million euros for the regeneration of areas affected by the bacterium? Or is he paying Beppe Grillo 300 thousand euros a year for consultations on spreading hoaxes about the bacterium? Or what denier is running in 2022 elections single-mandate constituency of the territories affected by Xylella?

These and other contradictions of Giuseppe Conte’s M5S forced me to leave the Movement., even if during that painful summer there was no time to adequately explain the reasons for the split. A political force whose leader is a man who has served as prime minister of two governments cannot constantly live in ambiguity.

But perhaps this is Giuseppe Conte’s will: to remain flexible in order to adapt to any type of container.. He says he wants to do science, but then winks at the deniers. That’s it, this is his soul. On the other hand, it is true because he actually knows nothing about the topics he talks (or blathers) about. When he found himself at the head of the M5S, in order to receive accreditation among activists, he had to ideologically accept some of the “fights” carried out by the M5S, for which some arguments were given to him – see super bonus, minimum wage, no incinerator in Rome – by some of his former government members, in order to be able to speak to a “grillina” audience.

It is very easy to expose Conte’s lack of preparedness; just ask him a few questions.. All the citizens he is called upon to represent will be interested in hearing the answers.

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