XL Imagine MyPrioHome, complete packages for Internet and phone


KOMPAS.com Mobile operator XL Axiata, the introduction of a package of the latest internet name myPRIOHOME is.

As the name suggests, is myPRIOHOME Bundling of postpaid package XL priority and the package internet home XL home.

According to XL Axiata, with a package of myPRIOHOME is, the user receives two internet quota, which is separated, i.e., 10 GB for postpaid card XL priority and 20 GB for home internet-XL home.

The XL-membanderol package myPRIOHOME with the price of Idr 350,000 per month. At registration, you will be forced to the user, a contract in the program package is available for two years.

“The customers enjoy three benefits at once, namely, the ratio mobile or home router Broadband as well as cashback, which can be used to buy smartphone any type that is available,” said Chief Premium Segment Officer of XL Axiata, Octavia Kurniawan.

Users who have subscribed to receive two SIM cards at once, namely, the SIM card postpaid, which will be used on the device smartphone and the SIM card for the device Wi-Fi router XL to home.

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The user will get a postpaid card with a quota of 10 GB per month, the rate of calls and SMS is not limited to, (a fellow of XL and Axis), the rate of the phone for 30 minutes and 300 SMS to other operators per month, as well as free access to some apps chat.

While for the home internet, the user gets a quota of 20 GB per month. This ratio can be used, without any division of time and of the network.

Then, the user also gets the router for free and a voucher cashback worth Rp 5 million, which can be used to buy a smartphone in the booth Erafone available in the XL Center.

Better SIM card mobile and Broadband you can benefit from free access to a number of applications streaming popular as Netflix, VIU, iFlix, and Hooq during the first three months.

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With the presence of this package XL Axiata is optimistic that myPRIOHOME need to continue to be an option for some users.

“The need for service mobile and Broadband has become imperative. We believe that product Bundling converged this was one of the most wanted products for now or for the next few years,” said Octavia in a written opinion obtained KompasTeknoOn Tuesday (17/3/2020).