Yahoo Mobile Is Now Changing Direction, The Mobile Service Provider

252 – In the year 2016 and then the telecommunications company from the United States, Verizon will be officially Yahoo Inc acquired. Verizon has a sub-brand new Yahoo Mobile named.

Different in the case of Yahoo, the Yahoo Mobile does not move on the services of a search engine, e-mail, or a directory.

Yahoo Mobile is a cellular provider that uses the business model Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO).

As the organizer of the MVNO, Yahoo Mobile usage of the infrastructure and Verizon, who are already in the United States. So, Yahoo Mobile will no longer need to roll out the network infrastructure independently.

In the structure, Yahoo Mobile services like Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Search, or Yahoo weather to align with other Yahoo.

Based on the official page of Yahoo Mobile, a Telecom provider offers internet package unlimited with a price of US $ 40 (Rp 580.000) per month.

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With this award, the user will be able to enjoy 4G internet, SMS and phone calls, without any restrictions. As for the speed of the internet provided called, can reach 12 Mbit / s (download), and 5 Mbit / s (Date).

“Everything you love at your fingertips. Packet data, SMS, and call without limit-everything is on the 4G LTE network of Verizon, plus hotspot mobile share of data with other devices,” wrote the party’s Yahoo Mobile.

A screenshot of the Yahoo site Mobile.Android police A screenshot of the Yahoo site Mobile.

Internet unlimited these can also be distributed to other devices over the hotspot or tethering.

However, Yahoo Mobile limit can only be a device associated with hotspot the. It was the speed downloadits only 5 Mbps.