Yanet Garcia adjusted in a bikini, in black, shows how the quarantine


Yanet Garcia adjusted in a bikini, in black, shows how the quarantine | Instagram runs

The beautiful driver Yanet García wanted you home for a bath in the sun and decided to to show your body, sculptural with a bikini set black has all his disciples, without a voice.

The girls weather in a bikini in black bold causing a frenzy among his thousands of followers, and he is crazy about social networks.

In the middle of the quarantine, Yanet García wanted to again, the moral to share with his followers on account of his Instagram, where he decided to photo.

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Yanet is currently living in the United States and from here, he sigh his Mexican fans.

This time, Yanet said to us, love to provide sensual before his pool, and shows her belly tonic and his legs dreaming in addition to a hat was.

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Click here to see the photo-bikini-bold Yanet.

The publication of the picture with only two hours of sharing-a more 200 thousand likes his disciples, and comments about its silhouette, and its beauty.

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Goddess … greetings from Argentina “,” Very beautiful afternoon, what a beautiful ” post card “,” it’s so nice and beautiful, ” were some of the comments.

Garcia has repeatedly shown that to exercise love, and you have a balanced diet, something that is without a doubt noticeable, and with each photograph he shares.

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In the last days, rumble the former girl-weather would the forums televisa work again, because lately, it has had several participations in the framework of the programme.

Yanet García has earned the reputation of one of the moderators, the more daring small screen, and is one of the drivers with more subscribers on the social network Instagram, because it (more 13 million. trailer.

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Now it is more that happy In addition to the new partner, Lewis Howes, originally from Ohio, a professional athlete, is also inspired entrepreneur, writer and coach.