Yanet Garcia confesses that he does not like the glamour, the makeup or the heels


The famous former Girl of the Climate Yanet Garcia it is considered one of the stars of television and social networks more attractive. Although almost always we have seen with their best outfits and a lot of production, she herself has confessed that neither the makeup or the heels he likes; the glamour does not go with your personality. OMG!

Contrary to what many would believe, Yanet is considered a woman’s most relaxed and enjoy the dress very comfortable. The conductive mexican explained in one of his stories Instagram its more than 13 million followers that she adores when he was given tennis, as it is one of favorite outfits that he likes to use at almost any time.

Also, Garcia he expressed that he used very high heels, too much make-up and dresses very tight when you are going to make a tv program or when you participate in any event or photo session. However, all that glamour and style that does not go with it.

Yanet Garcia stated that she prefers the comfortable and loose fitting clothing; have a clean face without makeup and use the most of the time tennis. However, the actress also commented that she doesn’t mind dressing up “with a lot of production,” as you know that is part of their job.

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Yanet Garcia al natural

Its looks natural not we’ve seen a lot on television shows like “Today” Televisa, but yes in social networks. In your account of Instagram, the former Girl of the Climate, 29-year-old often share photos or videos showing off her statuesque figure without any makeup, or with a hair perfectly combed.

The host and actress regiomontana teaches exercise routines with tight sets sports, tennis and looking very natural. Something that most of your fans would love it, but there are also those who enjoy watching Yanet when you are dressed very elegant and glamorous.