Yanet Garcia displays as you move your rear in tight leggings


The conductive Yanet Garcia left everyone with the mouth open after the daring video that shared, it looks like it bounces off their rear in some tight leggings while exercising.

There is No doubt that Yasmin enjoys showing his amazing body in their social networks, and of course their followers love them.

It should be mentioned that it is known as “the girl from the weather“thanks to your participation for a time in the famous morning show “Today”.

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Now, the girl fitness will leverage more than 13 million followers in its official account of Instagram to display their physical attractiveness and give motivational messages.

On this occasion, Yanet delighted us with a video showing how it is exercised, something that ended up being a gift, as lucia a few tight leggings pink and it looked like bouncing off his rear as he hopped out exercising.

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Get up each morning and convince yourself that you can achieve”, he wrote in the publication.

The video, with only a couple of hours have been shared, with more than 500 thousand reproductions and hundreds of messages of their peers and followers who are more than enamored with her beauty and her body.

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Esoooooo”, “How to bounce”, “Diiiooooss miio”, “Perfect”, “That good eat the dog”, “Always training yasmin good motivation for this quarantine greetings and kisses”, were some of the comments.

Yanet Garcia took care of raise the temperature once more, because the compliments are hundreds that make day-to-day, as it has a sculptural and enviable curves.

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However, leaving aside the good comments, was one that bothered quite to his followers.

I’d like to see you reading a good book more, you are beautiful but that is not everything,” he wrote.

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And as was expected she he did not hesitate to answerbecause it has been unveiled that he likes to learn new things and it is not just a pretty face, and of course his most faithful followers also quickly defended.