Yanet García does in public and the people go crazy oh Daring!


Yanet Garcia he continues with his life as if nothing will happen. Oblivious to the controversy that was generated two weeks ago when it jumped out of the confinement to go to the beach with her boyfriend and their dog. This was not the time to upload the photos and she knows it, has learned from the error and keeps going. Now he has to learn and strengthen the image that I had until now.

The Monterrey has uploaded a video of his routine that has left us impressed. With a bottle of water has machado the body and has left us clear that it is not his thing a day. The routine that performs is hard, it could complicate to anyone who was used to exercising regularly, but she seems to do it without even a murmur. It is a genuine outrage.

The that girl of the time has been these days moving by different television channels in Mexico to be able to demonstrate their routines and, why not, to win customers in the future. His idea now is to be a personal trainer and knows that the way to be promoted is to be seen on television. Their YouTube channel has many views, but not everyone can get to him.

We have seen her doing in public, something that we did not expect at this point. Has uploaded a photo giving a kiss with your partner, Lewis Howes. Do you dare to kiss as well, as is the situation with the coronavirus! But it seems that they are not afraid of contact and, in the end, they are a couple in the good and in the bad. It is not a person in addition Yanet Garcia you have proven you have a lot of shame.

It is the best way to show that is not afraid of anything and that your intimacy may share it the way you want. Freedom is what you have, blessed be.