Yanet García Exposes Her Rearguard on Video While Modeling Daring Red Lingerie

Yanet García.

Yanet García caused a stir on her social networks after posting a video in which she appeared modeling a tiny set of lingerie that exposed her shapely silhouette.

The model and ex-host of the program ‘Hoy’, who is also known as the sensual “Weather Girl”, raised the temperature within her official Instagram account after publishing a recording in which she boasted the statuesque silhouette she possesses, but without a doubt, the part of his body that captured glances was his shapely rear. And it is that posing from the front, profile and finally with her back to the camera, she modeled her sensual set of lingerie in red.

With a charming smile, while stroking her long hair, the film and theater actress delighted the pupil of almost 17 million followers, who went crazy with the daring publication and caused a barrage of comments in which they highlighted the beautiful and sensual that she looks with it. tiny set.

The daring clip, which has been viewed more than a million and a half times, was shared to promote his new page of exclusive content for true fans, in which he promises to show more risky images.

It seems that this was the surprise that he noticed for a few days now when he shared heated photographs of his most recent photoshoot, where he posed with another series of tiny outfits that left very little to the imagination.

An example is an image in which she wore a light coordinated lingerie with transparencies in black, with which she appeared in front of the camera and showing off the elasticity of the little thong she decided to use on this occasion.

As well as a series of lace bodysuits in which the transparencies stole glances and caused a shower of compliments, expressions of affection and messages from some followers who did not hesitate to show their admiration for the native of Monterrey Nuevo León.


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