– Yanet Garcia flores, shows off her hot legs with a tiny short


The conductive Yanet Garcia again captive to its millions of fans from the internet to show off your tiny short that left to see their hot and tonificadas legs. In the photo, the former Girl of the Weather is travelling through a colorful field of flowers that perfectly combines with the beauty of the regiomontana.

Yanet in addition to combining their mini shorts with a short bodice that highlights the small cinturita who owns the influencer sports. And is that the mexican star of the social networking account with that spectacular body, thanks to the dedicated that it is in the exercise and healthy living.

Yanet Garcia and their popularity

Be a driver of Televisa, one of the women most sought after on Instagram. Yanet Garcia at 29 years, has a great popularity on social networks. And is that the users love to see the photos and videos too sexy for the artist, by the huge and strong rear guard that has.

In addition, the well-known former Girl of the Weather also helps its more than 13 million followers on Instagram and give them the best tips for sports activities within their homes, primarily now that people are in the running for the quarantine.

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Similarly, Yasmin offers tips to enter a life of fitness, which she has led for more than 10 years, as the host, and actress has not always had the irresistible hot body with that account now, and get fall in love to thousands each wearing a outfit adjusted, or small bikinis.

Thanks to that it has become an important influencer sports, Yanet García get every day new users join your list of followers in Instagram. Internet users are very captivated with the sensual images that often share the mexican artist, since you like showing off your silhouette, and beauty at different times of your day and dramatic looks.