Yanet Garcia has a sister, and with these PHOTOS the opaque


One of the casualties in the mexican television that cannot yet be overcome is that of Yanet Garcia, the famous Girl from the Weather that left the issue of the morning program Today to emigrate and try their luck in United States.

Garcia was amazed with all the morning by announcing the conditions of the weather, because of its spectacular figure formed thanks to years in the gym and a good diet, as well as she herself declared it was that the spectators were outstanding in the morning.

The sister Yanet Garcia

However, the physical of the royal family is from for photographs of your sister came to light and attracted a lot of attention, making it clear that the family heritage is very strong.

Despite the fact that the girl is not part of the middle of the show, in your account of Instagram account with over 11 thousand followers.

His name is Prism and is the proud mother of a small of which no doubt to boast in social networks.

Prism is also proud member of the world fitness like his sister.

Here the photos of Prism Garcia:

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