Yanet Garcia in thong walking on a bike so it showed everything to Instagram


The beautiful Yanet Garcia, or as many know the girl from the weather, is a beautiful woman who is not afraid to show off their charms, or even standing at the side of her boyfriend, so that has uploaded a couple of photos cycling and showing off his big rear.

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The young woman became one of the stars with more fans and of the most beloved, so it is often the center of attention in social networks, where boasts of his great rearguard that will surely make you sweat.

It is a couple of snapshots where Yanet Garcia appears on a bike, in the first we can see the model sitting and smiling for the picture, even though it is not in movement we can already see that it was a daring ride, because your dress is completely transparent and let you see everything that there is nder.

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The driver not to highlight its beauty in its content, because he has been working hard to achieve that with great exercise routines, for this reason he decided to take the ride of this so revealing, exposing her large rear while strolling with her boyfriend.

Click here to see the photo of the bold ride

The photos are above the 400 thousand I like every one and their boxes of comments have thousands of comments where you write what spoiled that they feel for sharing this, as it has been one of the photos the more mischievous of the beautiful girl, who has not stopped the delight of his fans who have given him both.

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The young man was one of the drivers of the most beloved of the newspaper “Today”, although today, it is the “Girl of the weather” and has been replaced by another beautiful woman.

Currently have a romantic relationship with Lewis Howes, a native of Ohio, 36 years of age and form part of the national team of handball or handball men of the country anglo-saxon. It is also known as an entrepreneur, writer and coach, inspirational.