Yanet Garcia in TINY outfit teaches you how to have a rearguard of envy


Yanet Garcia again he left excited about his followers in Instagram with a tiny and slim fit shorts, while she had a hot exercise routine to have a rear guard of envy like yours.

Yanet Garcia in TINY outfit teaches you how to have a rearguard of envy

The Instagram of Yanet Garcia

In your video, Yanet Garcia it shows that despite the quarantine, it is possible to stay in shape and have a pompis as well-formed as yours, to which you can lean on something as simple as the stairs.

“If you want, you can… The rest are excuses!. 84 FLOORS. THERE ARE NO EXCUSES!”.

The ex – girl of the weather, Yanet Garcia he showed his burning exercise routine where he climbs the stairs of his apartment building, while you exercise your rear and show off how well formed it is.

The video posted on the official account of Instagram of Yanet Garcia, loved to his 13.1 million followers on the social network, who soon began to send the most ardent compliments to the driver.

Yanet García presumed to be red-hot figure

The quarantine has not prevented Yanet Garcia showing why it deserves the title of “inspiration fitness”, in addition to further showing off his fiery and statuesque figure.

With either entallados sportswear – each a trademark or exposing their rear -, or provocative pictures in bathing suit, Yasmin Garcia remains as a queen of instagram thanks to his sensual publications.

“THERE ARE NO EXCUSES!!!!! We can do the exercise from home to stay in shape but mostly HEALTHY.”

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The beautiful, Yasmin Garcia also reminded their fans that they can download the app, fitplan, with which they can train with the ex – girl of the weather each day.

  • “This is a time to be consistent with their condition of physique, their nutrition and their thoughts. The best thing you can do when you feel stressed is to take care of your health and stop the anxiety out of your mind”.