Yanet García Paralyzes Instagram Posing With a Tiny Set Of Black Lingerie

Yanet García

The Monterrey model appeared wearing only tiny lace garments and transparencies in black, a sexy outfit that left very little to the imagination

Yanet García returns to star in a tremendous uncover within her social networks, where she shared a daring photograph in which she posed with a set of lingerie in which the transparencies caused a stir and a shower of compliments.

It was exactly through her official Instagram account, where the Mexican model caused all kinds of rations, and it is that she once again fell in love with her 13.6 million followers while posing for the camera wearing only tiny lace garments and transparencies in Black color, a sexy ensemble that left very little to the imagination.

With one hand on her waist and the other caressing her long hair, it was as she showed off her shapely figure. On this occasion, the former host of the program ‘Hoy’ warned about the arrival of a surprise for her fans, who reacted in a few hours with more than 340 thousand red hearts and more than a thousand flattering messages, in addition to proposals of all kinds.

The daring snapshot is part of a photographic session enhanced several weeks ago for the lens of renowned photographer Diego Alanis, with whom she also modeled on a couple of occasions, testing the elasticity of her tiny little thing.

And one more video in which the behind-the-scenes of the photo studio was appreciated that witnessed the extraordinary shots that millions of fans appreciated.

Posing in a pink bodysuit, she also showed off one of her most provocative angles.

However, one of the postcards that the former “Weather Girl” has received the most was the one in which she posed with a white bodysuit, in which the transparencies paralyzed the hearts of more than 600 thousand users of the same social network, which awarded a red heart as a sign of maximum approval.


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